Video: Scheduling Programs and Editing Acute Variables

Nov 9, 2017

By Tim Saye

The ability to easily schedule training programs for your online personal training clients and change acute variables for any day without having to copy the program is an important need for many great online personal trainers.

While this feature may not be revolutionary it can be very useful.

This 4 minute video shows you how to schedule a program and quickly edit the acute variables of sets, reps, tempo, time, rest and intensity for each week.

The video also shows how how to make a program that is not scheduled so your clients can pick and chose when to use it.

When not scheduling a program I often recommend setting up a repeating in app message each day to remind your clients the program is there and to train when they get time. This video shows you how to set that up.

When you combine all of this with the crazy time saving power of PTD Groups you have a pretty magical formula for incredible online personal training that doesn't take you all day to create.