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Upgrade - Week, Month, and Year Calendar Views

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November 14, 2023
tim saye

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Keep organized and stay one step ahead with our new week, month, and year calendar views. That's why we've completely revamped the calendar views in PT Distinction.

These new calendar views make scheduling a breeze. You can easily plan your clients' training, nutrition, assessments, forms, and messages, ensuring you're always organized and on top of everything.

Transcript of Video

In this short video, I'm going to quickly show you the new scheduled views Inside PT Distinction.

These views are available in your client dashboard and in your group's dashboard. You have a week view, a month view, and a year view.

Inside these, you can see all of the items that your clients have scheduled. You can click on any item, and it will give you some details as well as let you click on this icon to view it in more detail.

With training programs, it will also let you fill in results and see any results that your clients have added and edit the program from the schedule.

You can delete the item, and you can edit where it is in your client's schedule. You can also drag and drop any item to move them to another day.

You can go through the weeks and the months, and the years by clicking on the arrows to take you either way.

There is also the option to filter for categories so you can see any item that you want to see inside your client schedule without other things getting in the way.

For example, I'll click on programs, and you'll see only the program. You can add other items if you want to to the filtering, so I might want to see forms as well and it will bring up the forms and the program so it can be very specific, and you can see exactly what you want to see whilst nothing else gets in the way.

This will then carry across into your month view and your year view. So the month view lets you see the month.

I'll just quickly remove the filters so you can see everything for the whole month. Again, you can click on any item, move any item, and get the details that you want.

Year View shows an entire year, so if you like to plan a long way ahead, you can see everything that the client has got for the year.

All days with something scheduled on that day have got a circle on it. You can click on the day, and it will show you the items that you have scheduled that day for your client.

So there you have the brand new week view, month views, and year views of your client schedules inside PT Distinction gives you a great opportunity to see everything on one screen and have a really good idea of exactly what you've got planned for your clients.

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