8 New Updates to Our Personal Trainer Software

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Nov 9, 2023

By Tim Saye

8 New Updates to Our Personal Trainer Software

New Add Item Flow

Our "Add Item" flow makes managing client programs, habits, assessments, coaching, and tracking items faster and easier than ever.

Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Schedule Views

Now, you can access week, month, and year views, making scheduling a breeze and ensuring you're always on top of your clients' training, nutrition, assessments, forms, and messages.

New Coaching Folders

Coaching folders empower you to create, name, and badge your coaching content, providing your clients with a more organized and tailored coaching experience.

Automatically Assign One-Way & Two-Way Messaging in Pre-Made Packages

This new feature allows you to automatically assign one-way & two-way messages within your pre-made packages. Streamlining the way you communicate with your clients

Upgraded Scheduling Flow

This upgrade makes it faster and easier to schedule items for your clients.

Results Tracking Update

With the Results Tracking Update, each tracking item can now be managed individually.

This means you have unparalleled flexibility in tracking your clients' progress, tailored to their specific goals and needs.

Introducing the Tools Dashboard

The Tools Dashboard is a central hub for monitoring your clients' food diaries, progress photos, adherence charts, and integrations.

Workout View Selection Screen

When your client selects their workout, they will now see a workout overview screen, which allows them to select which method they want to use when they go into their program.

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