Update: Tweak to Make Your Challenges and Flagship Products Run Super Smooth

Jan 6, 2017

By Tim Saye

One big thing that is working right now for creating a great online training business is running free challenges in to Flagship products.

PT Distinction is at the forefront of giving online trainers the technology and systems to run these smoothly and effectively to bring in, handle and keep track of huge numbers of clients.

This video shows a little tweak to PT Distinction that makes the process even easier and smoother for you to run. This means you can focus your time on coaching your clients and getting them amazing results rather than having to worry about how to deliver your challenges, packages, membership site offerings and worrying about moving clients from one to the next.

If you are interested in running challenges and flagship products then check out the amazing webinar we did yesterday with Linh Trinh. There is a recording inside our free Facebook community here