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PT Distinction Groups – The Most Powerful Tool in any Training Software

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January 31, 2020
Tim Saye

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PT Distinction Groups are probably the most powerful time-saving tool in any training software. They allow you to create challenges, trials, pre-made packages, and offer group training.

But far more than that, they save you huge amounts of time coaching any of your clients, because with the group system you can copy any content, and schedules you like, to as many clients as you like, in one click.

A PT Distinction Group simply copies the content to each clients personal account. They're like templates with superpowers.

Here we have two videos showing the power of PTD Groups, video one gives a quick introduction to PTD Groups.

It shows the amazing power to save huge amounts of time when you provide first class coaching to your personal training clients. This video shows you how to set up a group and move forward from there.

The second video shows a live class Ash did in our Facebook group showing everything you can do with PTD Groups.

It's a long video but you'll be blown away with the time it can save you and the ability these groups have to grow your online training business.

After watching this videos you'll be able to help more people than you currently believe possible.

Video 1 – Introduction to PTD Groups

Video 2 – Everything you can do with the amazing PTD Groups

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