Tracking Your Clients Daily Activity

Apr 11, 2017

By Tim Saye

Keeping track of your clients activity outside of their training programs is another important factor for most great online personal trainers and coaches.

This quick video gives you a couple of ideas on how you might track your client's activity outside of their normal training.

The first thing I would do is either use a group or set up a new group.

Once you're inside the group dashboard just click on Add coaching/ tracking. This will take you inside the results a tracking area. Just click on add tracking and you write down what you want your clients to track, you might say "additional activity".

If you want your clients to record any particular units you can set that up too. For example you might have them wearing a pedometer and may want them to record the number of steps they take each day. Alternatively you can leave it blank and there will be space for them to write in notes so they just write in whatever they've done each day.

Once you put what you want to track in to the results tracking sheet just go back to the group, click on “schedule” and add it as a daily repeating event. This will ensure your clients have this tracking in their daily calendar. I would schedule this every day for the entire program.

Once you've saved it any client that you add to the group will get the tracking put into their schedule. You can add this to any of your current clients simply by clicking on members. You then select either members of another group, individual clients, or you could add all of your current clients to this group and copy that tracking into their account in one click.

You can also add this tracking instantly as you set up any new client.

All your clients would now have to do is click on their schedule, then write down the days additional activity. The system gives them complete flexibility to write down whatever they like.

As soon as any of your clients have done that you will get an instant alert in your dashboard. Click on that and it will take you into their activity page so that you can see exactly what they have done each day.