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Top Fitness Marketing Agencies for Personal Trainers in the US

June 28, 2022
tim saye

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Are you a personal trainer looking to link up with a fitness marketing agency in the US? Congratulations, you've come to the right place.

While it may be one of the most rewarding careers, being a personal trainer is hard work. You have to be an expert in weight loss, strength training, injury management, client interaction, scheduling, and much more. Finding time to promote your business through digital fitness marketing is often the last thing on your mind.

However, the harsh reality is that your business cannot succeed without clients. While you may provide the most professional services, it counts for very little if you do not have a killer local and online fitness marketing strategy by your side. It may sound a little daunting as your expertise is fitness rather than fancy ads. Thankfully, the following fitness marketing agencies will do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on actively running your business.

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#1. WebFX

WebFX is one of the industry's longest-serving digital fitness marketing agencies in America and has helped launch over 1,600 websites while securing over 255,000 first-page rankings on Google. The platform has helped its clients amass a cumulative total of over $3 billion in revenue, thus cementing its place at the top table of fitness marketing agencies in 2022.

The company's comprehensive digital marketing services include everything from web design and SEO to email marketing and social media. As well as offering fully tailored services aligned to individual client needs, a data-driven approach supported by end-to-end tracking ensures optimized efficiency for quick results followed by continued progress.

Whether starting from scratch or revamping your existing personal training brand, the WebFX team of award-winning marketers can support you through technical expertise and dedicated efforts for personal trainers and other fitness SMEs. Their transparency and regular communication are precious too.

#2. Personal Trainer Marketing

If you feel that you need an online fitness marketing ninja by your side, is the perfect solution. The company offers three tiers of services for fitness businesses of varying shapes and sizes. Each plan details what services are included and how they can help your business grow through increased leads, awareness, and conversions.

Personal Trainer Marketing builds websites for personal trainers while also providing a range of other services, including SEO and content marketing, PPC management, social media ads and management, retargeting ads, local listings, and reputation management. The last of those tools can be particularly useful as establishing trust through positive client reviews can heavily influence your leads.

The Personal Trainer Marketing model starts with an initial 'preparation' phase that will look to take your personal training business to new heights instantly. This is followed by ongoing services to maintain your reputation, strengthen your brand visibility, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

#3. Thrive Agency

Thrive has been helping gyms and personal trainers with dedicated digital fitness marketing campaigns since 2005 and works with business owners in 25 major cities nationwide. The fitness marketing agency provides a full-service approach that aims to 'attract, impress, and convert' more leads for your personal training business while helping you increase customer lifetime values.

In addition to a complete list of online marketing services like website building and SEO, Thrive offers a range of dedicated eCommerce services for trainers looking to tap into the enormous opportunities online client bases provide. Likewise, Amazon-specific marketing strategies can help personal trainers create secondary revenue streams through merchandising, content, and more.

Thrive's proven methodology and analytical tools are designed to deliver GROWTH. Gratitude, Respect, Ownership, Work ethic, Think big, and Honesty. Whether you want to dominate the local scene or reach out to a global network of clients, this digital marketing agency will help you Thrive.

#4. Straight North

As a company with a dedicated fitness marketing agency team, Straight North doesn't only understand marketing. The agency also understands your ambitions, pain points, and industry. You don't just want brand awareness. You want more leads, conversions, and valuable clients that will ultimately boost your bottom line. The agency's experienced professionals will deliver this while allowing you to focus on your clients.

Through website marketing, lead validation, and creative materials, Straight North helps businesses in the fitness industry build cohesive brands that reach the right audiences for optimal results. Whether your niche is focused on weight loss, strength training, busy parents, injury rehabilitation, sports coaching, or any other aspect of fitness doesn't matter. A clear strategy will unlock more outstanding results.

As well as website building, SEO, and Google Penalty recoveries, Straight North offers ongoing data analytics to help identify areas for continued improvement. The process begins with a full audit of your website and online marketing strategies to pinpoint the best route to quick gains.

#5. Blue Wheel Media

Blue Wheel Media is an online digital marketing agency that works with some of the biggest names in the fitness sector, including Under Armour and Powerhouse Gym. Its mantra of "we are marathon runners, not sprinters" is evident from the moment you partner with the agency. The company helps personal trainers and fitness businesses establish themselves in a highly competitive market with a heavy emphasis on content and social media strategies and growth.

Blue Wheel Media is a great choice when your primary focus is to boost sales revenue. Its team boasts experienced professionals specializing in ads for Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Outbrain, and more. You can target a specific demographic on the platform they are most likely to use, while omnichannel campaigns ensure consistency across the brand.

Blue Wheel Media boasts a particularly tight grip over creating engaging content and can subsequently help your personal training business stand out from the crowd with eye-catching campaigns supported by sustenance that transforms interest into conversions.

#6. WindFarm Marketing

WindFarm Marketing has now been in the business of digital marketing services for fitness brands for under a decade, working with a wide range of personal trainers and fitness industry SMEs. A track record of helping companies like yours increase their client base by several hundred per cent in just a matter of months should instantly grab your attention, as should a portfolio that includes Gold's Gym and Chicago Athletics Clubs.

This online fitness marketing agency finds the sweet spot between content, timing, and placement to deliver optimized results to help grow your company without breaking your budget. Holistic approaches include inbound marketing, web design, content, search engine marketing (SEM), paid ads marketing, and automation. All items integrate and are tailored to the fitness industry.

WindFarm Marketing goes beyond pure marketing workflows to focus on sales and membership management to ensure that your progress is reflected in your bottom line and client list. The outsourced and effective marketing campaigns enable you to focus entirely on keeping clients happy.

#7. UpSwell Marketing

UpSwell is an online marketing agency that uses the power of digital communications to help fitness clubs and personal trainers increase their local presence and boost new client acquisition. In fact, the company has helped small businesses acquire a cumulative total of over two million new members. Having worked exclusively in this environment since 2008, this fitness marketing agency knows how to catch people's attention and drive them to your business.

UpSwell's approach focuses on reaching clients in the places where they spend most of their time (home, work, etc.) while also striking at the most effective times. It also uses local market insights alongside your personal trainer brand image to promote the USPs that will engage audiences and lead them to sign up. The four-step process is to Assess, Create, Implement, and Optimize.

UpSwell works with you to ensure that all technical aspects like SEO and ad campaigns are built to serve your fitness company's best interests. While primarily focused on tapping into local markets, the agency can assist you with any online coaching services you want to promote.

#8. Cardinal Digital Marketing

The fact that Fitbit, Fitwall, and Equinox are all partnered with Cardinal will instantly make you take note of the fitness marketing agency. The digital marketing experts believe in removing the guesswork to help your business implement manageable campaigns aligned with your growth needs to increase awareness, sales, and client lists. Cardinal offers modern solutions that aid the brand across desktop, mobile, and apps.

With dedicated specialists in each key aspect of digital marketing for fitness businesses, Cardinal can help with SEO, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, content writing, website development, reputation management, and conversion optimization. At the same time, the programmatic display ensures that ads reach the right audiences. This protects your budget while also preventing time-wasters.

Cardinal's list of accolades includes Google Partner certification and Inc 5000 inclusion. With its impressive track record and portfolio, personal trainers can confidently choose the company because the agency provides undivided attention and regular reporting at every stage.

#9. Creatitive

Creatitive's dedicated fitness marketing specialists aren't only great at teaching personal trainers about the positive steps they can implement. The digital agency also prides itself on showing trainers and small fitness business owners to understand and avoid common mistakes. Whether you want to play an active or passive role in the campaigns, Creatitive is a good choice.

Aside from building attractive brands supported by strong visibility, Creatititve helps you identify content strategies that work while making the most of listings and directories with up-to-date posts. Meanwhile, client interactions across all channels actively help turn interest and awareness into conversions. The measurable results are focused on boosting profits rather than just social media followings.

The fitness marketing agency delivers improved brand credibility and close rates while promoting improved cost management. It starts with creating a business website for your gym or personal training services but extends to all contributing inbound and outbound marketing elements for professional and effective output.

#10. Fitness Marketing Agency

FMA is an experienced fitness marketing agency with a mission to "help gym owners, personal trainers, and coaches get more leads, sign new members, and grow their businesses". The company has operated for several years, helping many SMEs transform their futures by multiplying membership signups. The high-quality campaigns are built specifically with the fitness industry in mind. And it shows.

The company works with over 200 independent gyms to improve wealth, revenue, and conversions. As a marketing agency focused on the industry, it doesn't only bring expertise to the technical elements. FMA also knows how to create engaging content that drives more people to the company and promotes a sense of value, authority, and trust. In turn, it leads to more sign-ups.

FMA also has offices in the UK and Ireland. So, if your fitness business has views of expanding, Fitness Marketing Agency can subsequently help you with your long-term plans as well as your immediate challenges. Dan Moore, Urban Fitness, and Beyond Limits are just some of the clients to empower their brands with the FMA model.

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