Todays New Exercises

Feb 8, 2018

By Tim Saye

There's so much going on behind the scenes here as we get closer and closer to being able to beta test the PT Distinction V3 software that it's a small list of new exercises added today.

In case you haven't yet seen we have a live team on 24/7 chat now. They are customer service specialists here to support you and answer your questions whenever you need help. Two days in they're doing a good job but training will be ongoing for a little while.

Here's todays new exercises added to our personal training software:

Wide Stance Glute Bridge with Mini-band
Glute Bridge Feet Elevated on BOSU
Glute Bridge on Bench with Mini-band
Glute Bridge Wide Stance
Swiss Ball Jacknife
T Rotation Push Up
Cable Triceps Kickback
TRX Atomic Push Up
TRX Split Squat
TRX Triceps Extension

Hopefully I will have a larger list up for you tomorrow as we continue creating a truly perfect software for great online personal trainers.