This Months New Online Personal Training Exercises

Mar 21, 2018

By Tim Saye

As always we're taking the requests of our members. This means we're giving you the platform designed from the ideas of 3000+ leading personal trainers.

In response to your requests here is a list of the most recent batch of exercises added to the worlds leading online personal training software.

Ab Scooper
Band Alternating Chest Press
Alternating Band Biceps Curls
Angled Band Glute/ Abductor Raise
Band Biceps Curl
Band Front Raise to Chest Press
Band Front Raise
Lying Band Hamstring Curl
Band Hip Abduction with Dumbbell Front Raise
Band Hip Abduction
Band Mountain Climbers
Band Overhead Triceps Extension
Band Jog and Press
Band Chest Press
Band Reverse Fly Hold with Biceps Curl
Band Shoulder Jacks
Band Shoulder Press
Band Side Kicks
Band Single Leg Shoulder Press
Band Sit Up and Reverse Fly
Band Squat Row
Band Standing Reverse Fly
Band Standing Wide Elbow Row
Split Squat and Band Press
Band Transverse Rotation
Band Triceps Extension
Battle Rope Russian Twist
BOSU Around the World
DB Triceps Extension with BOSU Glute Raise
Incline Treadmill Backwards Run
Incline Treadmill Side Shuffle
Kettlebell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift and Lunge
Kettlebell Squat Jump to Box Jump
Band Kneeling Kickback
Leaning Band Triceps Extensions
Modified Band Press
Modified Band Press 2
Modified Lying Band Row
Single Leg Balance with Lat to Front Raise
Push Up Band Hamstring Curl
Reverse Seated Box Jump
Seated High Band Alternating Row
Seated Band Pulldown
Seated Band Row on Ball
Shuffle to Box Jump
Side Lunge with Front Raise to Step Up
Side Lunge with Shoulder Front and Side Raise
Single Leg Hurdle Hop to Single Leg Box Jump
Slider Plank with Hip Abduction
Slider Reverse Lunge with Biceps Curl
Slider Push Up with Knee Tuck
Squat with Band Bicep Curl
Split Squat with Band Front Raise
Kettlebell Split Squat with Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Split Squat with Band Bicep Curl
Step-over with Dumbbell Press and Knee Raise
Standing Straight Leg Band Glute Raise
TRX Pike to Knee Tucks
Modified TRX Spiderman Push Up
Hip Raise and Band Bicep Curl