The Simple Method for Writing A Really Effective Sales Page

Apr 29, 2016

By Tim Saye

Getting people to your online personal training website is one thing but converting them in to your free trials or prompting them to give you an email address or phone number is much harder these days.

This is a very effective way to write sales pages and is quite easy to do. Most of this information has been taken from a masterminding weekend with Paul Mort.

Always have in mind benefits to your future client. ­ When people are looking for a trainer they don’t know what your qualifications are or care if you think you are the greatest trainer in the world (self praise is easy). They simply care about what you can do for them, how you can help them and can you prove it.

So….. here we go?

1) Write down bullet points for all the features of your service and all of the benefits to your client of your service. Aim for around 20 bullet points.

2) Fill out as many bullets as you can with “so that’s” ie filling out the bullets to show what it means to your
future client (example? If one of your bullet points is “lose weight” you can fill it out like this “­ Lose weight so
that you feel confident on the beach and happy when you look in the mirror”) – all you want to do here is give each bullet point a meaning to your client.

3) Chose your best bullet or combine your best 2 or 3 bullets and make them your Headline. – Put this in big, bold, writing at the top of the page in a colour that stands out.

4) Chose your next best bullet – ideally with some fear of missing out and put it at the bottom of the page as a ps (lots of people just scroll down the whole page to see price so this has to be powerful enough to sell your service on its own).

Example – ps in 4 weeks time you could be a couple of pounds heavier than you are now or you could be 10lbs lighter and full of energy.

5) Lay out all your other bullet points in between headline and ps, do it as bold, none bold, bold, none bold etc….. (this breaks things up for the reader and makes your bullets easy to read)

6) Break up your bullets with a story (quite high up the page) that is relevant to your future clients wants and needs. This can be your story ie how you lost lots of weight, or, if you haven’t lived what your clients want then it can be one of your clients story. (example? Jane came to me as an overweight lady who felt depressed every time she looked in the mirror, she followed my 6 week plan and lost 21 lbs and felt incredible in her bikini when on holiday in Florida).

7) Break up your bullets further by using things like these?
“………. I'm also going to give you…”
“………. To further ensure your success……”
“……. On top of that…….”

(you could also use nice images to break things up if you prefer)

Ideally you will not have more than 10 bullets in a row without breaking them up – again we are looking to make it as easy to read as possible.

8) If you have them add in any testimonials and client photos to give further proof that you can help your future client achieve results.

9) Add in scarcity i.e “To ensure every client gets the best possible service and results I will only be taking on 10 people. When the spaces are taken, that’s it.” – Make sure whatever scarcity you put in it is actually true.

10) Put in to one sentence a load of short bullet points i.e tone your tummy, eat delicious food, increase your energy, sleep better and feel attractive again.

Then follow up with a strong but clear call to action i.e click here to apply for my free trial now.

11) Put in a meaningful guarantee to take away any risk or fear from the buyer that they might be getting ripped off. This guarantee can go anywhere on the page…. If it’s really good you may even have it as part of your headline. Totally up to you but definitely have one.

When making a guarantee it can be a good idea to think about “how would your future client justify signing up to their husband/ wife/ parents? – Oh its ok darling because….”

Ensure that all the way through you are thinking about honesty and integrity – Hype has been overdone – Be yourself and be truthful.

Write it fast, don’t stop to correct spellings etc.. just write when you have the flow.

Leave it overnight and then edit and improve.

Leave it overnight again and edit and improve again!

Send it to your family and some friends and see what they think – take on feedback and edit and improve once more.

That’s it, put it live and sign people up.