The Online Personal Trainer Success Template

Aug 8, 2017

By Tim Saye

Here is a step by step guide to becoming a very successful online personal trainer.

1) Chose your personal training software, if you have ambition to grow beyond 15 clients PT Distinction is your best choice.

2) Set it up with your branding.

3) Create your packages and prices.

4) Work out how to describe your online training service to anyone that asks

5) Chose a method to receive payment, PayPal and Stripe are generally the first options to look at.

6) Post tips 3 times per day on your personal Facebook profile.

7) Contact all past face to face clients asking how they are getting on. (For more details on this login to PT Distinction and click on the getting online clients icon)

8) Contact all Facebook contacts asking how they are. (For more details on this login to PT Distinction and click on the getting online clients icon)

Once you're more advanced and already going with your training:

9) Find your ideal niche.

10) Create a free Facebook group.

11) Create something that appeals to your niche clients you can offer for free (this should take no time for you to give away once it is made) as a way to get people interested in your paid services, get them on to your email list and in to your Facebook group. Free trials and free challenges are easy to set up and work very well.

12) Have a system in place to convert your free members in to paying clients.

13) Continue to post three times a day on Facebook.

14) Have a professional website made (if you haven't already done this before), this should include a blog and be optimised for mobile and SEO.

15) Offer your free service in, or at the end of, all of your larger content.

16) Create larger content two times per week – This can be in the form of blog posts 400-1600 words or Videos 1-5 minutes long. This article helps you create unlimited content.

17) Add Blog posts and videos to all of your social media channels.

18) Add all videos to YouTube and optimise for relevant searches.

19) Create Facebook adverts using the three step Facebook ads strategy 1) Content, 2) Re-targeting content viewers with Advert, 3) Re-targeting Web visitors with advert. This article shows how well this strategy works.

20) Optional at any time – Build up your following on Instagram, Facebook Business page and Twitter, posting 3 times per day on each is a good place to start. Alternatively employ someone to do this for you.

21) Stay consistent with everything you do.

Your future client journey should be a little like this:

1 - See your content and gain awareness of who you are and what you do.
2 – Start to look out for your content and consider signing up to your free services.
3 – Sign up to your free offer and join your email list/ Facebook group.
4 – Enjoy your free coaching and see you as an amazing coach.
5 – Receive regular great content from you in the form of Social Media Posts, emails, blogs, videos, answering questions and Facebook group presence. See regular calls to action in the form of new free offers or your paid services.
6 – Join your paid service or wait and continue to enjoy your free content.
7 – See a constantly great service and level of expertise from you. Feel a connection with you that will bring in many of the waiters and bring back many who have left in the past.

Result – Your online business grows every month.