The Most Important Step in Becoming an Online Personal Trainer

Mar 5, 2015

By Tim Saye

There's one thing that for most personal trainers is more important than any other when becoming an online personal trainer. Its also the one step that many don't take..... Which is why many fail!

This step is to nail down a niche market that you will aim at to get clients..... No, weight loss specialist will not cut it!..... Unless you have a VERY high profile.

In this video I pull some odd and slightly embarrassing faces! but also go through 3 great ways to nail down your niche. Have a watch now and really think about who your market should be.

The first entrees are now coming to the end of our 30 day online PT challenge and are adding clients consistently....

... Plus they know exactly how to train clients and get great results online.

Definitely worth a look if you want to become a successful online personal trainer