The easy way Successful Trainers can Start Online.

Dec 14, 2017

By Tim Saye

Many great trainers believe a transition from successful face to face trainer to online trainer takes a great learning curve and completely new approach.

In reality that's a long way from the truth. While you can take months learning everything there is to know about online training, setting up scaleable systems and diving in to the world of online marketing, the easiest way to get going as an online trainer if you're already doing well as a face to face trainer is to replicate your service online.

For example;

- If you have an amazing face to face consultation that signs up clients every time and gets them highly motivated to succeed then do the same thing over Skype or Zoom.

- If you have a sequence of training programs that get amazing results when individualised for each client, put them in to an online training software and tweak for each individual.

- If you have particular conversations or lessons that get clients to change their eating habits, put these conversations/ lessons in to videos and send them to clients at the right time in their journey.

- If you run a bootcamp that gets amazing results recreate it in an online group program.

- Maybe forming relationships and motivating people to succeed are your thing? Then set up lots of messages and video check-ins to form those same relationships and motivation online.

My point is this, if you're successful as a face to face personal trainer, or nutrition coach, bootcamp owner, class instructor etc.. there's no need to change the things that made you successful in order to go online.

Think about what has given you success face to face and find a way to easily replicate it online. The added bonus to your clients is they get your great coaching in an more convenient and time efficient way than was possible before.

Once you have these foundations in place and experience training clients online with your already successful methods you can start thinking about systems, scaling your business and online marketing. When you use PT Distinction to deliver your training or coaching you can build these things in to your business at any time so it doesn't need to be right at the beginning

Many trainers will achieve a level that makes you very happy in life without needing any of these things, by simply replicating your face to face success online.