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The 11 Best Email Marketing Software for Personal Trainers

December 17, 2021
tim saye

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Email marketing is important for personal trainers because it enables you to connect with your audience effectively. With email marketing you'll be reaching an already engaged audience, so it is all about solidifying the relationships you already have. Aside from this, emails are easy to share and measure, especially when you use one of the best email marketing software platforms available.

With that being said, we'll take you through 11 of the best email marketing solutions so you can manage your email campaigns effectively.

#1. MailChimp

MailChimp is known worldwide as it provides all of the features companies need, yet it manages to keep things uncomplicated and straightforward. Many personal trainers who use PT Distinction choose MailChimp for its free version and easy to manage audience feature.

There are a lot of benefits associated with using MailChimp. It integrates with hundreds of different software platforms and has a free-forever plan for up to 2,000 subscribers and limited features. The reporting component is incredibly beneficial, as it is clear and aids you in optimising future sends. You can get reports on the likes of unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates, as well as scheduling campaigns and making the most of A/B test copy.

#2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the best platform if you need a solution that offers easy and effective automation. This is because it comes with hundreds of different pre-built templates that enable you to personalise campaigns for your subscribers.

While the platform is easy to use, there are also a lot of helpful guides to help you get up and running. Plus, the customer support is friendly and fast, so help will always be available when you need it the most.

ActiveCampaign has more than 850 integrations with the most popular software tools, so you should be able to integrate it into your business with ease.

#3. MailerLite

MailerLite is one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market today. It features a drag-and-drop interface, so you can see what your emails look like while you're building them.

Many personal trainers aren't tech-savvy, and might feel like designing an email campaign will be too tricky, but MailerLite makes it as easy as possible. You can choose from a whole host of stylish and professional templates to get started.

MailerLite also comes with a free-forever option that includes 12,000 email sends and 1,000 subscribers. If you want more advanced features or more bandwidth, paid plans are available. You can start by registering for the free subscription, and once you hit the limit in subscribers or emails sent, you can always upgrade.

#4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue opened the way for small business owners to create future-proof marketing funnels. They are cloud-based, provide not only email marketing but campaign marketing features. They are an emerging favourite on Capterra and receive reviews with flying colours.

Sendinblue packs a wide range of features to support personal trainers and fitness businesses with their marketing and business management needs. Email marketing, automation, campaigns, SMS marketing, chat, CRM, transaction emails and segmentations are only the tip of the iceberg. You can use it for free for unlimited contacts, 300 email sends per day and for 1 chat user. If you'd like their branding removed or have access to A/B testing and to remove the daily send limit, their Lite package will work best for you at $25 per month.

#5. CampaignMonitor

Next on the list to consider is CampaignMonitor. It also comes with a drag-and-drop solution, which means you don't need any coding knowledge to craft the perfect emails for your personal training clients and audience. At the same time, you can fully customise the emails to ensure they will be entirely branded.

One of the great things about CampaignMonitor is that all of their templates are mobile responsive, which is critical since most people look at emails on their phones or tablets. There are also automation features, which means you can optimise when you send your emails to drive the very best results.

#6. Marketing 360

As you may have gathered by the name, Marketing 360 offers more than email marketing, so it's an excellent option to consider if you want to power your marketing efforts in many different areas.

Aside from email marketing, you can make the most of custom forms, create your website, and stay organised with CRM features, such as reporting and viewing tasks. Plus, if you sell online, Marketing 360 enables you to do so. After all, many personal trainers are looking for ways to diversify after the pandemic, and offering online services and physical products are two ways of doing this.

The visual builder of the email marketing solution enables you to create email journeys that will automatically deploy or send one-time campaigns. There are many different templates for you to choose from, or Marketing 360 can even build an email template for you.

#7. Constant Contact

Another option to consider is Constant Contact, one of the fastest and largest growing email marketing platforms in the world. Constant Contact is an excellent tool for beginners, making it easy to manage your email lists, the marketing calendar, email templates, contacts, and more.

Each account provides you with access to unlimited emails, Facebook ads integration, list segmentation, free image library, in-built social media sharing tools, and easy tracking and reporting.

Constant Contact also leads the way with their level of customer support. Not only can you access an extensive library of helpful resources, but there is community support, email, phone calls, and live chat as well. There is also online training to be sure that you are using the platform effectively.

#8. Campaigner

Next is Campaigner, which is a potent tool. You can drive revenue and sales by making the most of advanced marketing automation, powerful personalisation, and intuitive reporting. Not only can you send out emails, but you will be able to reach customers via text messaging as well.

One of the unique features you get when you choose Campaigner is what's known as Reputation Defender. This protects the reputation of the sender by verifying lists before sending. It means that the quality of the email addresses will be evaluated periodically to make sure they do not contain any risky email addresses. This unique feature will help you enhance the performance of your campaign and boost ROI, email engagement, and deliverability.

#9. ConvertKit

Another robust email marketing platform worth considering is ConvertKit. Powerful and easy to use and comes with a host of features you'll find helpful. One of the best is that you can easily offer contact incentives and upgrades with email sign-up forms. It comes with auto-responders, which are easy to manage and enable you to send drip-fed emails.

With ConvertKit, you can segment subscribers easily, splitting them up into those who have already purchased and those who are interested. This will help you boost conversions with automated emails that feel a lot more personal. Targeted marketing at its best.

You will get all of the powerful features you would expect from one of the leading email marketing services, such as smart workflows, a landing page builder, beautiful email templates, and a/b testing.

#10. FireDrum Email Marketing

If you're yet to find the perfect email marketing tool for you, FireDrum Email Marketing could be just what you need. You can customise one of the free templates they provide, or create your own from scratch; the choice is yours.

The drag and drop builder is straightforward to use, and all of the emails are mobile responsive, which is a massive plus. One of the most exciting features is OpenBoost automation, which enables you to get a 50 per cent (or more) open rate. This feature will send emails again to those who did not open them the first time.

#11. AWeber

Finally, AWeber is a marketing platform that enables you to reach your goals quicker. You can make the most of many marketing features; they provide email automation, web push notifications, eCommerce pages, and a landing page builder.

The key with AWeber is that they are all about helping you do your marketing activities quicker to see faster results. Automated email campaigns can considerably speed up your email marketing efforts, and AWeber understands and encourages that.


Many trainers hesitate too long before jumping into email marketing, even though it's a pretty powerful channel for keeping your audience engaged without using social media platforms. That's not to say you shouldn't use those, but remember the recent big Facebook and WhatsApp outage? You want to make sure you don't lose the chance to get in touch with your clients and followers if a channel is unavailable temporarily.

So, there you have it: an insight into some of the best email marketing software options for personal trainers. I hope that the insight will help you run and manage a successful email marketing campaign to continue moving your personal training business forward.

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