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Social Media Updates August 2013

August 31, 2023
tim saye

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We're excited to bring you the freshest social media updates designed to turbocharge your interactions with your fitness community.

As always, we aim to find you the best of these updates and translate how you can use them to help with your online fitness marketing.

Facebook Updates in August

After a busy July when Facebook revamped its video products August has focused its time on updating the Messenger service.

Facebook Updates in August

Facebook's Messenger is embarking on an ambitious journey to bolster its encryption standards. This matters because it means that all your chats are now extra secure by adding extra encryption.

New AI Tools for Audio and Music

Facebook is bringing innovation to audio creation with its groundbreaking AI tool called AudioCraft.

This tool transforms text into realistic, high-quality audio and music. It's like having a virtual composer in your pocket, ready to turn your words into melodies.

 Unlocking Creativity with AudioCraft: AI-Generated Audio Made Simple

AudioCraft comprises three models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. MusicGen generates music from text prompts, while AudioGen creates audio from text prompts using public sound effects.

EnCodec, their improved decoder, enhances music quality and reduces distortions.

In a world where AI is shaping various aspects of our lives, AudioCraft paves the way for a new era of audio creativity.

Instagram Updates in August

Just the one update from Instagram in August. This time, they are focusing on new ways of creating and collaborating with music on the platform.

Musical Photo Carousels

Imagine adding music to the photo carousels where you showcase clients' fitness transformations or workout progress.

This new feature allows personal trainers to infuse energy and motivation into their posts, enhancing the visual impact of their clients' achievements.

Instagram Updates in August
Collaboarative Fitness Content

The Collaborative feature can be a game-changer for personal trainers collaborating with clients on fitness plans or challenges.

You could invite clients to co-create posts or reels showcasing their fitness journey. This opens up opportunities to highlight clients' progress and celebrate their dedication, fostering a sense of community.

Engage Clients in Fitness Challenges

Utilizing the Add your sticker, personal trainers can initiate fitness challenges and invite clients to participate.

Clients can put their own spin on these challenges through Reels, showcasing their dedication and creativity. Being recognized by the trainer and the broader fitness community can be a powerful motivator for clients.

YouTube Updates in August

Two updates from YouTube in August: the first allows you to control the links on your profile, and the second shines a light on thenewest creation tools on the social platform.

Enhanced Link Sharing

YouTube is introducing an update that empowers creators to enhance their video experience by adding up to 14 customizable links.

These links can be tailored with personalized titles and are accompanied by recognizable fav icons for easy identification. This feature will be visible to all viewers starting August 23, allowing creators to provide a more engaging and interactive video-watching experience.

Collab Tool: Team Up For Unique Workouts

With the Collab feature, you can now create Shorts alongside other YouTube or Shorts videos. Imagine teaming up with fellow trainers for split-screen workouts, sharing tips, or demonstrating exercises together.

YouTube update August 2023
New Effects and Stickers: Interactive Workout Challenges

Explore fresh effects and stickers to enhance your fitness Shorts.

The upcoming Q&A sticker lets you pose fitness questions to your viewers, encouraging interaction and feedback on exercise techniques or nutrition tips.

Live in Shorts Feed: Real-Time Fitness Sessions

Going live in the Shorts feed lets you connect with your audience in the moment.

Use this feature to conduct live workout sessions, answer fitness queries, or lead mini-coaching sessions while engaging with viewers through Super Chat and more.

Threads Updates August

Threads is evolving with some exciting updates to make your messaging smoother and more personalized

Now Not Just a Mobile App

To help the platform regain some momentum, Threads has announced that you will now be able to use the platform on desktops. This brings it in line with the other major social media channels.

Threads update in August

This will be launched across the majority of countries and will allow you to access the main feed and post on the platform.

Share Threads in DMs

Now, you can effortlessly share Threads via Instagram DMs. Tap the share button and choose "Send on Instagram" to share ongoing fitness conversations, progress updates, or session plans smoothly.

View Your Liked Threads:

Find all the threads you've liked by heading to your profile, navigating to settings, and selecting "Your likes." This feature helps personal trainers revisit vital conversations, like client goals or training strategies.

Sort Following Accounts

Personal trainers can maintain a well-organized network. Access your profile, manage followers, and tap "Sort" under following. This can be a useful tool to categorize clients and tailor your communication approach.

Custom Alt-Text

Enhance the accessibility of your fitness content by adding custom alt-text to images or videos. By tapping "Alt text" when attaching visuals, you can provide descriptions that ensure everyone can engage with your fitness updates.

Elevate Your Online Fitness Presence

These updates cater to personal trainers like you, enhancing your ability to create dynamic fitness content, connect with your audience, and inspire healthier lives. Get ready to elevate your online fitness presence.

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