Setting your packages to start on Monday

Sep 26, 2018

By Tim Saye

Here we look at how to set group programs, or, pre made packages to give a welcome pack straight away, then start the main program next Monday.

While some softwares allow you to set programs that start on a specific day this is only half the job - Imagine if you signed up for a program and received nothing for a few days... You'd forget about it or lose interest, right?!

The moment a client joins your programs having something set up to welcome them, and make them feel excited about joining is the first huge step in training happy clients.

Luckily you can set PT Distinction to send your welcome pack immediately, then automatically add clients to your programs on the exact day you wish them to get started.

This video shows you how to set this up and relax in the knowledge that your clients will be very well looked after straight away, then receive everything they need, exactly when you want them to.