Set Up Direct Debits

Sep 19, 2014

By Tim Saye

Something that can be very useful to personal trainers is the ability to set up direct debits from your clients.

This can be particularly useful when you make the decision to start charging members monthly for a coaching and training service rather than the less secure session by session model many trainers have traditionally taken…… perhaps one of the leading reasons that 80% of trainers quit within 6 months of qualifying.

A huge mission of PTD is to get you guys earning a regular and ever growing income that is secure (more on how to do this soon).

No FitPro should have the worries of "can I pay my bills this month? What will happen when my clients go on holiday? Nobody will ever give me a mortgage…. I can't go on holiday as I won't be earning"….. etc..

With that in mind I came across this recently and think it's awesome . No affiliate link… That's not how I roll! Just a very useful site for personal trainers and great alongside PT Distinction's online personal training software.

Sadly it only works for those with Uk bank accounts at the moment but I'm told this may change soon. For those of you keen to get set up now but don't have a UK bank account still appears to be the best. You can take regular payments on a free account you just have to do a little digging to find it!

Its worth getting set up now as its free. In a few weeks I'll be in touch with updates on what we're doing to get you set up with a service that can get you a regular monthly income and a reputation that means local competition will likely no longer exist.