Set and Forget Marketing For Your Fitness Business (proven to work!)

May 8, 2015

By Tim Saye

I am about to begin creating a pretty awesome course. Details of how you can get access for free before anyone else are lower in this post.

This will show you exactly how to build a 95% automated online personal training business.

The automation will not just be creation and delivery of your program (in fact, that’s the only bit that doesn't have to be automated as your training preferences are completely up to you) but also successful marketing and sales of your product.

We will go from beginning to success with no details left out. This course will be more comprehensive and actionable than any of its kind (even those priced in their £$000s).

I will show all of the set and forget methods I use to promote PT Distinction and bring in new members every single day while tweeting, writing an email or posting in Facebook about once a week!

These methods have helped us to get PTD out there in a big way, get trainers talking about us and most importantly, signing up. All the while, remaining a two man band (me and my brother!) that still answer every email personally and upgrade the software continuously.

We do this with no external funding and up against competition with substantial teams and financial backing.

(It helps that we have built the best software on the market but you still have to get it seen!!)

A lot of the marketing methods in this course will focus on getting you to the top of organic searches for your niche.

This means those that put the methods in to action first will have a major advantage over those that get working on it later down the line.

I want to give you the opportunity to get that advantage so I will be putting the videos up on YouTube and Pinterest as I make them, before they ever become a course and get advertised to other personal trainers.

Subscribers and followers will be the first to see them, so;

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here; Distinction

And follow us on Pinterest here;

If you are fed up of marketing that needs work every day then this is for you.

If you just want to set it up and focus on training clients then this is also for you (the training side can be automated but by no means has to be).

If you wait for the course to be released you might well get left behind by others competing in your niche.

YouTube: Distinction