Sample Programs – A great way to get 1-1 Online Clients

Nov 15, 2017

By Tim Saye

A sample program is a fantastic lead generator for one to one online personal training. It lets potential clients view the inside of your programs, see the quality coaching you offer, look at the inside of your website and apps, and get an idea of the support you offer your online clients.

At the same time a sample makes it clear that what clients get when they sign up to your real packages is completely individualised for them. This is the key difference between a sample and a trail and is the fundamental reason that samples are more effective when your main service is individual rather than a group or membership type of service.

A free sample should be available on your website for instant sign up through a form. Potential clients get to look inside your programs in return for their name and email address. From here you can continue to follow up with them until they become a new client.

This video (a snippet taken from the upcoming PT Distinction University) shows you how to set up a sample program and integrate sign up in to your website.

With every new client being free for you for 30 days on PT Distinction using this strategy to get new clients will never cost you a penny.