Results Tracking With Pretty Graphs

Apr 24, 2015

By Tim Saye

Tracking results is important, and clients love a visual to show how much they are improving.

Other software’s have had systems that allow you to record one variable and see an improvement graph for quite a while now. Many of our members asked us to follow suit and do the same thing.

As with any request we listened and thought about it… But an imperfect system like this is simply not for us. To truly record results a trainer needs to record more than one variable. If a clients does 3 reps of a dead lift at 125kg and later does 8 reps at 120kg these other tracking systems will show a pretty graph that says they have got weaker because the only variable that is being tracked is the weight lifted!.... Stupid, right!?

I’ve even seen personal training software’s that, when recording results for a plank, only ask you or your clients to record how many reps they did!!!! Whaaat?! This is what happens when businessmen and marketers design software’s to help personal trainers!

It was for this reason we always stuck to our very simple yet very flexible option of giving you and your clients a space to record progress. Nothing fancy and no pretty graphs but at least you could record all the required variables to show real results.


We kept getting requests for graphs and a better tracking system as its something clients love.

It became a bit of a dilemma for us, by following conventional methods we would be giving you guys something that, in truth, we all as trainers know is crap, but it keeps clients happy.

Definitely not the way we like to do things!

So we set about solving what seemed to be the impossible puzzle;

How to you create a 100% flexible tracking system that records multiple variables on every exercise and across multiple program phases, that then produces graphs to illustrate everything together and give the complete picture? Something that the worlds best trainers will love (geeky ones like me will find fascinating!) while clients will be happy with their pretty progress graphs!

This (in my opinion!) is one of the coolest things we have ever put in to PT Distinction and we will be looking to roll it in to the website next week, then in to the integrations and then in to the apps.

I’ll be in touch when it’s all up and running. Then I’ll make you a video on exactly how you can get the best out of it.