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Pre Made Programs, Assessments, Nutrition Coaching, and Forms

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August 25, 2022
Tim Saye

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PT Distinction includes some high quality pre made content for personal trainers to use with your clients.

This weeks Feature Spotlight video looks at the pre made programs, assessments, nutrition coaching, and forms in PT Distinction and shows how to use them with your personal training clients.

Transcript of Video

Welcome to this week's feature Spotlight. This week, just want to take a look at the library and the pre made content that we've got in the library already set up for you to use or to edit for your clients. I'm just going to come up and go to the library.

I start off in programs and go through that. If you come over to PTD programs, you'll see the pre made content that's already been done. Now, we haven't got loads of rubbish in here that sort of clutters it up and makes anything hard to find. What we've got is templates of some of the most popular systems used by trainers right now, and we've got some really good quality templates in here.

So you can take any of these, come over to three dots, you can copy that to a client or a group, or can duplicate the template into your own templates. Once you do either of those things, you can then edit it and you can completely make it your own if you wish to. You can also click on anything just to have a look and see what it looks like.

Coming back up to the library, you can see there are exercises already in assessments, assessment tests, coaching documents, forms and questionnaires, and results tracking. So, we'll take a quick look into some of these things. First of all, we'll go to assessments once again. Come over to PTD assessments to see the ones that we've made for you. With assessments, we've just set up some nice simple assessments for you to use with your client.

So an initial assessment, posture and movement screen assessment and tape measurements, and weight. Some of the most commonly used types of assessments you might want to use, you can click on any of them and you'll be able to see a little guide of what's in each section. And you've got the three dot menu again up here. That means you can copy to a client or group or duplicate the template.

Once again, when you copy or duplicate, you can edit it to make it your own. Coming up to the library, you can go into coaching, and under PTD coaching, you'll see that we've got lots of great guides for you. Now, these are all nutrition guides, so loads of nutrition coaching here that you can use with your clients. These are all made by highly qualified nutritionists and they're really nice documents.

Once again, use the three dots, and you can copy to clients or groups and duplicate if you wish to. Clicking on them lets you view your document and you can read through and see they're nicely presented. Well-thought-out and quality documents for you to use with your clients.

Going into forms and questionnaires, you'll see under PTD forms that we've set you up with the general forms that you would want to use with any personal training client. So you've got informed consent, a lifestyle questionnaire, medical analysis, PCU, and a simple consultation form. As with the other things, you can click to have a look and see what the form is looking like, and you can use the three dot menu to copy to a client or group.

You can also copy any of this stuff to your clients or groups from inside your client or your group dashboard. Once again, once you copy it, you can edit it and make it completely your own.

If there's anything you want to add to the library, just go to section and click on the big green add button. And you can add any of your own coaching forms, assessments, programs, exercises, anything you like to the library, to the news with your clients or groups, very, very easily, either from copying from here or taking from the client or group dashboard. Thank you for watching. Let us know in the comments what else you'd like to see.

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