PTD Time Savers - Using a Warm Up For Multiple Workouts

Apr 12, 2017

By Tim Saye

In this video I show you how to use the same warm-up in multiple workouts for your online personal training clients.

All of the details are shown in the video above but below is a short written guide on how it's done.

When inside the PT Distinction program builder select your warm-up exercise using either the search box or the exercise categories. For a warm up probably just go with the category “Movement prep and cool down.”

You can add each exercise to multiple workouts at the same time, then change the exercise using the drop down menu to build your entire warm up.

If you want to keep this warm up and use it for multiple phases, what you can do is save it as a template. Then whenever you want to use this for later phases of programming you can choose your client, go into their dashboard and when going to add their program you just take it from templates, and select your warm-up for that client.

This will take you straight into that template with the warm-ups already in, now you can build on top of those warm-ups. There's also all that flexibility to add to it, edit it and change it completely if you like.