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PTD Flow - Time-Saving Hacks for Programme Writing (Part 2)

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May 23, 2024
Tim Saye

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Welcome to the fifth in our PTD Flow video series, where we show you how easy it is to do online personal training with PT Distinction .

In part two, we will show you even more things you can do to save time when creating programs using the PT Distinction personal trainer software.

Transcript of Video

There are so many time-saving tools in the PT Distinction program builder that I'm having to make a second video.

Here is part two of time-saving when writing programs with PT Distinction. The first thing I want to show you is you can do the sets reps. Time tempo reps very, very easily by just scrolling through.

But if you want to make it. Even faster, you can do a whole section at one time. So let's do that. Go to the three dots by the section name, and all sets reps. You can then go through it. Put in anything that you want to do. And. Leave anything that you don't, and you'll see that it goes into every single one.

Exercise in that section. You can then change anything that you. Want to change really easily. The next time saver is just how to build a circuit. So building a circuit is super quick. You just grab, drag it across the exercises you want and that is your circuit built super fast, super simple to unlink your exercises and undo the circuit.

Just click at the bottom. And again, it's done so very, very fast. The third time saver I'd like to look at is changing an exercise. So you put in all your sets, your reps, and your tempo, and your rest, and you want to change an exercise.

Normally it would be annoying because you'd have to put all those things back in, but with the PT Distinction program builder, you can just go swap exercise. Choose your next exercise and you'll see that all the acute variables are still. There for you on that exercise.

Of course, you can change them if you wish to. And the final time saver I'd like to show you in this video is what to do if we don't have an exercise that you want. So nice and simple, you can start searching. Let's say we don't have it.

It will let you add it as a custom exercise. You can click on that. You've already named the exercise while you've been typing it out. You can obviously change it if you wish to, and you can just type or take a video from YouTube or Vimeo. Come over to YouTube, copy the URL go back to your program and. Drop it in there. so this video will go into your program and the adverts will be taken out and annotations, links, anything like that.

It looks like a quality exercise video inside your program. Come down and add any metrics you want. To and then save. So with that one, your exercise library.

It is pretty much limitless, and it's very. Very fast, very, very easy to add your own exercises if you wish to, as you can see lots of things saving you loads of time when building programs. Inside PT Distinction.

Check out the video Part one if you haven't seen that already, and you can see loads of other items that will save you time when writing programs.

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