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Best Online Training Tools for Fitness Trainers

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April 23, 2024
Tim Saye

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Online fitness training has become a viable way to run a dynamic and versatile fitness business.

From personal trainers to fitness coaches, gyms, and studios alike, using online training tools can transform how you do business. 

Virtual fitness opens up a myriad of training possibilities that can help you expand your business. Online training tools also come in handy in providing clients with excellent service and the best support along their fitness journey.

You can use them for communication, program planning, fitness and body composition assessments, and more. 

Plus, the digital fitness training industry has grown tremendously in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. forecasts that the fitness app market is expected to surpass USD 25.9 billion by 2033. They made a total of USD 5 billion in 2023 and are anticipated to make over USD 6 billion in 2024.

So, how can you get a piece of the pie? The first step is finding the right online training software for your business, employees, and clients. Below, we've compiled a list of online training tools that can benefit any fitness professional. 

Ready to boost your business? Let's go!

Online Training Tools For Personal & Fitness Trainers

The fitness training software options below are the best in the field. They support trainers with admin, workout infrastructure, client progress tracking, and more. 

To help you identify which can work for your company, we've highlighted the core features that make each platform stand out and their downsides. Later, we'll share our foolproof checklist for how to pick the best software for your goals and needs.

#1. PT Distinction

PT Distinction Personal Trainer Software

Transform people's lives worldwide with PT Distinction, your comprehensive personal trainer software solution.

Whether you're just starting your fitness coaching journey or looking to scale your business, PT Distinction offers powerful features designed to streamline client management, enhance communication, and optimize training outcomes.

From custom-branded apps to automated workflows and AI assistance, PT Distinction empowers you to deliver personalized and exceptional service to your clients, no matter where they are.

Core Features:

  • Branded Apps: Create custom-branded iOS and Android apps, providing your clients with a seamless and professional experience.
  • Workout Programs: Build tailored workout programs effortlessly, with the flexibility to train clients in your unique style.
  • Assessments: Gain deeper insights into your clients' needs with built-in or custom assessments, including movement screens and body composition analysis.
  • Groups: Foster community and support through challenges, trials, flagship programs, and group training sessions.
  • Nutrition Coaching: Equip yourself with all the tools to coach and track your clients' nutrition, from monitoring food macros and calories to providing personalized meal plans.
  • Communication: Stay connected with your clients through quick scheduling and sending automated emails, SMS, and in-app messages.
  • Automated Workflows: Save time and enhance efficiency with flexible workflows that automate repetitive tasks, such as client onboarding and package management.
  • Habits: Foster long-term results by improving clients' nutrition, training, and lifestyle habits, with live updates to track progress.
  • Client Results: Track client workout results, habits, meal updates, and more through detailed progress charts and feedback loops.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with industry-leading tools for payments, marketing, nutrition, and training.
  • Pre-made Templates: Create training content quickly and easily using our library of pre-made templates or customize your own.
  • AI Assistant: You can access your very own AI assistant to generate meal plans, blogs, training ideas, recipes, and more at your request


  • Leading online personal training businesses accelerate growth and success with PT Distinction, the highest-rated personal trainer software across major review sites.
  • Create a seamless and professional experience for your clients with custom-branded apps.
  • Streamline client management and optimize training outcomes with a comprehensive range of features, from workout programs to nutrition coaching.
  • Save time and enhance efficiency with automated workflows and communication tools.
  • Foster community and support through group training sessions and challenges.
  • Assessments and progress tracking features give you deeper insights into your clients' needs.
  • Access your very own AI assistant to generate personalized content and ideas.


  • You will need to be committed to starting your online coaching business.

#2. PTD Ninja

Discover the ultimate suite of tools and services designed to revolutionize your online fitness enterprise.

From comprehensive Done-for-You packages to cutting-edge Masterclasses and Certification programs, PTD Ninja equips you with the expertise and resources to elevate your coaching game and confidently scale your business.


Gold - Done with You

Experience the transformative power of PTD Ninja's Gold program. With expert guidance and support, PTD Ninja will handle all the technical setup for your online fitness business.

Utilizing PT Distinction, the PTD Ninja team implement a proven system that streamlines lead conversion, program delivery, and membership management.


Platinum Done For You Review

With PTD Ninja's Platinum 'Done For You' service, save over 10 hours weekly through expertly crafted systems and automation using PT Distinction and existing software packages.


PT Distinction Masterclasses

Unlock the full potential of PT Distinction with the PTD Ninja interactive Masterclasses, which are offered free to all PT Distinction members.

Guided by expert instructors, dive deep into the platform's features and functionalities.

From getting started to advanced automation techniques, our Masterclasses cover everything you need to succeed.


OPTC Certification: Turbocharge Your Fitness Business

The Online Personal Trainer Certification course offers a game-changing opportunity for fitness professionals to excel online.

With comprehensive training, plug-and-play resources, and expert guidance, you'll fast-track your path to success.

From client management to lead generation, the OPTC equips you with the tools to thrive online.


  • Turnkey Solution: PTD Ninja's services offer ready-made systems, saving time and effort when launching your online fitness venture.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from expert coaching and guidance to optimize PT Distinction and other software.
  • Tailored Approach: Platinum Done-for-You provides fully customized solutions that reflect your brand and goals.
  • Valuable Training: Masterclasses and Certification programs offer essential insights for leveraging PT Distinction effectively for growing your online fitness business.


  • Cost Consideration: Comprehensive services may entail higher expenses compared to self-setup options.
  • Initial Learning Curve: Integration and setup may pose challenges for trainers unfamiliar with software but the opportunity to have everything set for them through the Done For You service can help with this.

#3. Institute of Personal Trainers

institute of personal trainers website marketing platform

The Institute of Personal Trainers is an all-in-one marketing software for personal trainers and fitness coaches.

It was designed for fitness trainers by other trainers, making it an intuitive solution in touch with user needs.

This option is perfect for fitness professionals looking to manage the entirety of their personal training business.

Core Features

With this platform, you can manage a range of business aspects all from one dashboard. You can design a stunning personal trainer website with their dedicated website builder.

Manage your marketing using their email and campaign management capabilities.

Efficiently address everyday business requirements such as customer service, client retention, funnel development, lead generation, and other tasks.

While the Institute of Personal Trainers doesn't provide online training, workout programming, or direct nutrition coaching, the platform seamlessly integrates with any software you use.

Additionally, it offers robust membership features empowering personal trainers to craft multi-tiered membership packages.

From handling payments to managing account registrations and content delivery, the platform streamlines these processes and allows you to focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients.


  • Comprehensive business management
  • Customizable website builder
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Seamless integration
  • Robust membership features
  • Focus on client service
  • Free educational materials


  • Limited offering of direct training and coaching services
  • Possible learning curve for platform navigation
  • Dependence on integration with external software

#4. Vagaro

Vagaro is another fitness business management platform. Their online training tool enables personal trainers to manage clients and some of their daily administrative tasks.

Clients can make bookings through sophisticated booking and scheduling systems and even manage your payroll right from the solution.


  • Extensive management tools, including dedicated booking systems
  • Marketing options, including their Marketplace


  • Features hidden from lower price plans
  • Dashboard can feel confusing and cluttered
  • Does not have a sleek and usable interface
  • No workout planning and nutrition coaching features

How to Choose the Best Online Training Tools for Personal Trainers

The best way to choose a personal trainer platform that suits your business is to do your research. Compare some of the features of the platforms above. Read customer reviews.

Give the ones in your top three a tryout. Many software providers are open to giving you a free trial or demo.

Whatever route you take in your evaluations, these are essential factors to keep in mind when you make your choice:

Goals & Needs

When evaluating software for your business, the first step is to determine what you need from it. Define your goals and software needs.

Consider what tasks you want to complete using the app. Do you want a system that assists primarily with administrative tasks?

Or would you like to manage actual client fitness plans and progress on the app?

It's also important to evaluate whether the app you use will be the primary method of providing fitness coaching.

Or might you use it as a remote extension of your in-person services? 

These are your practical needs for the infrastructure. Your goals are closely linked to these needs.

Think about whether you want to provide better customer service. Are you looking for a better way to conduct assessments?

Knowing how you plan to use the online training tool will inform your chosen software.



With your goals and needs clearly defined, you can determine the must-have features in your system. Match your goals and needs to features that can help you achieve them.

For example, you must look for an online training tool with booking and scheduling features to improve your time and appointment management.

List these features and use them as a checklist to narrow down the available software options that meet them.



Integration with third-party apps can expand what you can do with your chosen app.

You can also continue using platforms that already work for you. Pick an online training tool that supports integrations with other systems for your and your clients' convenience. 

Possible integrations to prioritize include fitness and health apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal. Connect to YouTube and Vimeo to access their fitness videos.

Payment integrations like PayPal and Stripe are vital to customer convenience and payment control. 

If integrations are essential for your online personal training business, PT Distinction is an excellent choice!

PT Distinction Integrations


How many people must be able to use the system? If you have a large team, you need software that allows multiple backend users simultaneously.

You also need to estimate how many clients you will serve using the app.

Depending on the price plan you select, some platforms may limit your number of clients. Others work best for smaller businesses with a smaller clientele.



User numbers are one factor that influences how much you will spend on the system.

You must also take account of your greater expenditure and potential costs of maintaining and running the system. 

Consider whether a potential software provider charges you for additions, software support, maintenance, and other necessities.



It's also important not to think about just the immediate implementation of the system.

Think further and consider how your business might grow and how your needs may change. You could increase your clientele, grow your team, need more branding and marketing, etc.  

It's better to select a system that can grow with you. Then, you avoid investing in a system that you'll later have to replace again. Choose a plan that evolves with you.

PT Distinction Pricing levels

Tech Support

Usability and ease of navigation are key priorities. You and your internal IT person may be tech-savvy or have internal tech support, but your customers may need it.

For them to have a simple and pleasant user experience, you need software with an easy-to-use interface.

Check if your software provider offers tech support options.

These include easy contact points like in-app messaging, FAQs, access to support resources and guides, and more.


Device Access

Portability is a great advantage of online training apps. However, limited device use restricts this benefit.

You want to make sure clients and team members can at least access the app on their smartphones and desktops.

Multi-device access should be a top feature on your must-have list.


An online training tool can be a transformational addition to your fitness business operations.

You can use it to support in-person offerings, connecting with clients even when they aren't in your gym or fitness center.

Digital personal trainer systems can also be a great way to handle bookings, schedules, and other administrative elements. 

The training tools listed above can expand the potential of your business and help you reach and retain more clients. 

If you want advanced and expert assistance as you embark on this new journey, PT Distinction can be the fit buddy you need.

Contact us today, and we'll show you what your future can be like.

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