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Online Fitness Marketing for Personal Trainers

June 16, 2023
tim saye

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An effective online fitness marketing plan is indispensable for personal trainers and fitness businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive industry. With millions of potential clients turning to the internet for fitness information, products, and services, establishing a robust online presence is essential.

Having helped thousands of personal trainers and fitness professionals with our personal trainer software, we have seen many digital fitness marketing strategies. This blog does not aim to give you the “golden ticket” of a marketing strategy. But it will show you how to get started and determine what online fitness marketing plan works best for your business.

Define Your Target Audience

Rather like when onboarding a new client, if you are not assessing, you are guessing. The same can be said for understanding your target audience. You need to find out who they are to save time and money searching for them in the right places.

By understanding and targeting the individuals most likely to benefit from your services as a personal trainer, you can create marketing tactics to resonate with their needs.

The Importance of Identifying and Understanding Your Target Audience

As part of your online fitness marketing plan identifying and understanding your target audience will save you so much time for several reasons.

Firstly, it will allow you to focus your limited marketing resource effectively, which, let’s face it, when it is just you running the business, will help you save time. Secondly, understanding your audience allows you to create personalized and compelling marketing campaigns and material that tell a story of the specific pain points of your future clients.

Finally, understanding your target audience allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by creating tailored fitness products that resolve your target audience’s pain points.

Example Target Audience

Jane is a personal trainer specializing in pre and postnatal fitness. Her target audience includes expectant mothers and new mothers seeking safe and effective exercise programs during and after pregnancy.

By understanding this audience's unique needs and challenges, Jane can create targeted content addressing topics such as prenatal exercises, postpartum recovery, and maintaining fitness while juggling motherhood.

Set Clear Marketing Objectives for your Personal Trainer Business

Creating clear and measurable marketing objectives is important when developing an effective online fitness marketing plan.

We will be touching on the SMART framework, but check out our guide on setting SMART Marketing Goals for Online Personal Trainers

Why Should I Set Measurable Marketing Objectives?

The truth is that 80% of new personal trainers fail within the first year. This is why clear objectives are essential.:

1. Clear objectives will give you the clarity you need to work on your business while ensuring it aligns with your overall business goal

2. They allow you to track progress and measure your marketing results, allowing you to work out what is and is not working.

Some of the most widely used marketing objectives for personal trainers are:

- Increase Brand Awareness

- Drive Website Traffic

- Generate Leads

- Boosting Sales

You can dive deeper into this on our guide to a personal trainer’s plan for success

Create Engaging Content for your personal trainer business

Content marketing is a vital strategy for personal trainers to establish their expertise, connect with their target audience, and build a loyal community. By consistently creating valuable and engaging content, personal trainers can position themselves as trusted authorities in the fitness industry.

Content is often one of the overlooked parts of an online fitness marketing plan, but writing content you know your target audience will be interested in will make it easier for you to get started. There are many types of content you can start with, but let’s look at the most popular:

Blog Posts

Try writing posts on workout routines, nutrition tips, mindset, goal-setting, and success stories.


Not a fan of writing? Well, video is highly engaging, and the main social media channels prefer video over basic posts. Why not create videos to demonstrate exercises, provide workout tasters, look at habits, and showcase your fitness plans and products

Social Media

Personal trainers can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to share bite-sized fitness tips, motivational quotes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, client success stories, and upcoming events or promotions.


You may hate writing content and don’t like recording yourself. Well, a podcast may be the answer. Utilize platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts to reach your target audience and share your fitness knowledge.

To help you create content, you will want to use the following points as a guide:

- Create content for your target audience only.

- Provide educational content that solves your potential client's pain points.

- Inspire and motivate

- Aim for, and encourage interaction.

Social Media Marketing

A social strategy is vital to your online fitness marketing plan. It will help with targeting your ideal audience and also help you build your brand, build a loyal community, and give you a direct line of communication with your clients and potential clients.

What Social Media Platforms for Fitness Marketing?

This is A good question. We recommend going where your audience is. But if you don’t know, try the following:

Facebook - A great place to build your very own fitness community. As it is the largest social media channel, you will need to set up your business on the platform by following our Facebook guide for personal trainers to get you started.

Instagram - A great platform for visual content, it is an ideal platform for sharing fitness-related content, workout videos, transformation stories, and motivational posts

YouTube - As the second-largest search engine, YouTube allows personal trainers to create and share high-quality video content, including workout tutorials, nutrition tips, and client testimonials.

Remember to optimize your profiles, A great place to build your very own keep a regular posting schedule, and keep on top of any messages, or comments you may receive.

You May Also Want to Consider

Our advice is not to spread yourself too thin regarding your web fitness marketing plan. Get to grips with the tactics above, and when you are confident, you could move on the following:

Start Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics

This will allow you to optimize all of your content to ensure that you rank on Google search pages.

Paid Advertising

Ready to up your marketing game? You may want to consider paid advertising to target your audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your clients and create automation to warm your potential clients to your fitness products and services.

Start Your Marketing Plan Today

An effective online fitness marketing plan is vital for personal trainers and fitness businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive industry. With millions of potential clients turning to the internet for fitness information, products, and services, establishing a robust online presence is essential. Personal trainers can create a solid foundation for their marketing efforts by implementing the strategies discussed in this blog post.

Start working on your online fitness marketing plan today and discover your business's best web-based fitness marketing strategies. By taking a proactive approach to marketing, you can position yourself as a trusted authority, attract more clients, and successfully grow your personal training business.

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