New Upgrade - Add Unlimited Email Subscribers For Free

Jun 17, 2016

By Tim Saye

We have upgraded the email system to let you use it for your print only clients as well as all of your online clients.

This means you can email past online clients, current face to face clients and prospective clients through PT Distinctions personal training software for free as a part of any subscription.

This will work for one off emails, scheduled emails and repeating emails. It will also work for individual clients or for groups of clients at the same time.

How is this useful to you?

1) You can put all previous clients and previous free trialists in to an email group. Then set up autoresponder emails or send one off emails to keep in touch, offer them value, keep them up to date with improvements to your services and ultimately bring them back to you as paying clients.

2) You can set repeating emails to prompt some of your face to face clients to fill in their food diary or to do that extra interval session they keep saying they will do without you! You could also send them extra tips and encouragement to further build your status as their expert.

3) You can build a list of email only subscribers and use email marketing to get them in to your programs.

You can add as many print only clients as you like to PT Distinction for free as a part of any subscription.

You may have noticed we are setting it up so that you can offer a lot more for free such as free trials for all online clients and emails to print only clients, this is all a part of something huge that will literally guarantee your success as an online trainer....... And it's coming quite soon!