New Exercises for Online Personal Training - Day 4

Feb 5, 2018

By Tim Saye

As we move in to a new week we continue to add new exercises every day for you to use in your online personal training programs.

These are the 15 new exercises we added today:

Single Arm Dumbbell Squat and Press
Plate Around The World
Pull Up with Band
Resistance Band Front Raises
Resistance Band Shoulder Press
Resistance Bands Lateral Raises
Russian Twist
Shoulder Taps
Side Plank with Twist
Single Leg Glute Bridge with Mini-band
Single Leg Glute Bridge to BOSU
Ipsilateral Overhead Offset Split Squat
Standing Figure 4 Stretch
Split Squat with Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Glute Bridge Feet Elevated Wide Stance

If you missed it here's a roundup of the exercises we added last week.

I hope you enjoy these new exercises as we begin to set a new standard in the personal training software industry.