New Exercises Added to PT Distinction

Aug 18, 2017

By Tim Saye

New exercises have been added to PT Distinction , these all come with videos, written descriptions, photos for printouts and results tracking specific to each one.

We will be making regular additions to the exercises library from now on.

Here's a list of the exercises we have just added:

Resistance Machine

Machine Fly
Leg Press
Single Leg Leg Press
Calf Raise on Leg Press
Calf Raise on Leg Press
Seated Hamstring Curl
Single Leg Seated Hamstring Curl
Lying Hamstring Curl
Single Leg Lying Hamstring Curl
Hoist Machine Rows
Glute Press Machine
Single Leg Leg Extension
Lat Pulldown
Lat Pulldown - Wide Grip
Lat Pulldown - Close Grip
Low to High Rows - Prone Grip
Low Rows - Neutral Grip
Hip Adductor Machine
Hip Abductor Machine
Rotating Pulldowns
Hoist Chest Fly
Reverse Fly Machine
Assisted PullupĀ 

Cardio Machine

Treadmill Jog
Incline Treadmill Jog
Incline Treadmill Walk
Treadmill Walk
Rowing Machine
Recumbent Bike

Resistance/ Bodyweight

Bench Dips
Push Back Lunge with Dumbbell Press
Bench Squat Press
Cable Squat and Row
BOSU Burpee
Hip Raise On BOSU with Dumbbell Press
Single Leg Hip Raise On BOSU with Single Arm Dumbbell Press Stepper Skis
BOSU Knee Tuck with Twist
Step-over Ski Press
Suspension Trainer Knee Tucks

Ladder Drills

Hopscotch to Linear Double Tap
Icky Shuffle to Foot Fire
Icky Shuffle
Lateral 2 Tap Back
Rapid Fire
Smooth Sway
2 Tap Back to 2 Tap Back
Twist Tap
Quick Carioca
Foot Fire to Power Skips
Hopscotch to Broad Jumps
Icky Shuffle to Power Bounds
Lateral Hops to Carioca
Rapid Fire to Straight Leg Bounds
2 Tap Back to Lateral Bounds

Additional Plyometrics and Sprint Drills

6 Grid Agility 3
Broad Jumps to Sprint
Power Bounds to Sprints
5 Grid Agility 5
5 Grid Agility 3
Pro-Agility Shuttle
Power Skis to Sprint
Sprint to Power Bound
Power Skips to Sprint