Monster Upgrade - PT Distinction Messaging Centre

May 8, 2017

By Tim Saye

The brand new PT Distinction messaging centre in one of the most important tools ever created to bring success to you as an online personal trainer.

The new messaging centre allows you to send, schedule or automate the delivery of text messages, in app messages, app notifications and emails. This tool alone has been shown to improve your clients results by almost doubling their accountability and adherence. This is a game changing tool for any great online personal trainer and coach.

On top of this, automated text messaging tools have been shown to increase client conversions by a staggering 328%!! If you could do with getting some extra clients this should be pretty useful for you!

Here's three videos for you showing this amazing new messaging centre. The first shows you the text messaging and in app messaging/ notification part of the messaging centre. Video number two shows you how to set up your text and app messages, video three shows the recent improvements to the emailing section as a part of this messaging centre.

Video 1 - Text messaging, app notifications and in app messaging.

Video 2 - Setting yourself up to send text and app messages.

Video 3 - Improvements to emails as a part of the PT Distinction messaging centre.

These amazing tools can massively improve your follow up with past clients and past sign ups to your challenges and online trials. To find learn how to get a lot more clients through great follow up Click here