Make August Your Best Month Online

Aug 8, 2014

By Tim Saye

It’s August, most of the UK and US trainers have probably lost a few clients to the dreaded school holiday slump…… If that’s the case for you, are you training your clients while they’re away? …… If not, you’re probably letting them down while missing out on valuable income.

Smart PTD members are killing it with online training this month!

Here’s how their doing it;

1) Set up a holiday training package – Good things to include are;

- Quality online training programs (find out what equipment they will have available, it might be that’s its just body weight programs for some clients)

- A bit in the nutrition section about eating well on holiday and making good restaurant choices.

- Then perhaps some advice in the lifestyle section or in “additional instructions” about how to get good activity while on holiday (swimming in the sea, walking on the beach, find some mountains to walk up etc, etc…).

2) Tell your face to face clients about this high quality service that will really help them keep or even improve their results on holiday (tip… don’t make it too hard to stick to, they are on holiday after all!).

3) Charge them one personal training for session every 2 weeks they are away for this service. By doing this you don’t need to take additional money from them you simply strike the sessions off their current pack. This is easy for you and most importantly easy for your clients. Plus it costs them less than they normally pay you if they are training regularly so you know they are happy to pay that price if you offer enough value.

Its a good idea to get them to download the free android app from Google App Store, just in case there is no wi-fi (BTW, The new Apple app is in production and on the way……. Also members on the premium subscription of PT Distinction's online personal training platform can now get their own personalised and branded app as a part of their membership).

Try this over the rest of the holidays, see how much your clients love what you do for them and keep your income at a decent level while your clients are away.