List of New Exercises Added to PT Distinction

Nov 3, 2017

By Tim Saye

We have added another batch of new exercises complete with videos and written coaching points to
PT Distinction.

With new systems in place we're adding exercises all the time based on your requests. As I write this blog the next batch is aready being filmed.

Here's a list of the exercises that have just been added.

Agility Hurdles - Crossover Run
Agility Hurdles - Lateral Hops to Sprint
Agility Hurdles- Single Leg Bound to Sprint
Kneeling Barbell Rollouts
Battle Rope - Alternating Arms
Battle Rope on BOSU - Alternating Arms
Battle Rope - Double Arms
Dynamic Bird Dog
Box Jump
Decline Bench Press
Farmars Walk
Frog Jumps
Hand Walkouts to Tuck Jump
Hand Walkouts
Jumping Jacks
High Knees
TRX Squat Jump
Kipping Pull Up
Kneeling Power Press Up
Leg Extension
Alternating Jump Lunge
Med Ball Pass on Bosu Ball
Med Ball Side Slams
Mountain Climbers and Tuck Jump to Step Up
Mountain Climbers to Tuck Jump
Power Jacks
Power Press Up from Step
Power Press Up from Bench
Power Press Up
Prowler Push
TRX Reverse Mountain Climbers
Reverse Sledge Pull
Rope Pulls
Single Arm Press Up
One Arm Cable Twist and Press
Single Leg Box JumpĀ 
Single Leg Jump Lunge
Single Leg TRX RDL
5 Meter Shuttle Run
10 Meter Shuttle Run
20 Meter Shuttle Run
10 Meter Sprint
20 Meter Sprint
50 Meter Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Single Leg Hop Back to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Single Leg Side to Side Bound to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Swivel to Sprint
Agility Hurdles- 2 Step to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - 4 Step to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Dead Leg to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Lateral Run to Sprint
Agility Hurdles - Weave to Sprint
Single Leg Lunge with Med Ball Twist
Skipping with Rope
Sledge Pull
Squat Tuck Jumps
Single Leg Calf Raise on Floor - Bent Knee
TRX Ice Skaters
V Sits
Machine Leg Extension

The best way to find any of these exercise is to login to PT Distinction and use the exercise search box.