Lead Generation Ideas for FitPros
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Lead Generation Ideas for FitPros

by Tim Saye | Aug 12, 2016

Are you struggling to come up with an idea to get perspective clients on your email list?

You want to help others and give great value but you don’t know where to start?

Before you can provide your ideal clients with something that will solve their problems, you need to know more about them.

The BEST way to get good quality leads is to be specific and solve a problem that they have.

First you need to do some client research, this is how you put together your client avatar.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about your ideal clients:

What sex are they?

What is their occupation?

Are they married?

Do they have children?

What is their average annual income?

Where do they spend their free time?

What are their hobbies?

What books or magazines do they read?

Where do they like to eat?

Where do they shop?

What blogs do they read?

What Facebook pages do they follow?

These are the basics you should know about your client.

Now we will get a little deeper.

What keeps them up at night?

What are they scared of?

What frustrates and p*ss*s them off?

What is holding them back?

What is their main focus?

What is their ultimate desire?

Once you have answered these questions you are much more likely to put together a lead generator that your ideal client not only wants, but also snaps your hands off to get it!

A great way to get the answers to these questions is to talk to someone that would be an ideal client.

You could offer them a free call/Skype to help them out. Ask them some of the questions above. Help them and be sure to take notes.

You can then use the words that they have in their answers for your copy.

There are several different formats you can use for a lead generator, here are some ideas, which will help, inspire you:

Recipe Books

You can see how well Slimming World are doing, why not take a page out of their book and provide a similar service to your clients?

Many people do not know what to cook to reach their goals. You could give them a recipe book for them to choose meals that they would like to try.


These have been used a lot in the industry, however they can still be quite effective. Now you just have to work harder to get someone to give you their email address. This is why we suggest you go deep in your avatar research, so when your ideal client sees your eBook they HAVE to have it.

Training Plans

Again this has been done lots in the industry so you will have to think outside the box here. There are 1000s of training plans that can be found on Google, so you need to make yours stand out.

You do this by making your plan laser focused on your ideal client. If your ideal client is a stay at home mum, why not put together a ‘Mummy & Mini Me’ training plan?

Mums struggle to find time for themselves to get half the things they want to do each day, so imagine what it would do for her if she can get in shape and bond with her little one!

Quick Fixes

You know what people are like. You will see it in your news feed daily probably. Going on holiday in 3 weeks, I should have started dieting earlier… They have left it to the last minute to get in good shape and want to make a dent in their weight loss before they go.

Now many PTs will frown and say that they should have started sooner. However you know if you can get them to adhere to a plan for 3 weeks and train consistently you will be able to help them drop a dress size safely and effectively.

It might not be the ‘ideal’ way to lose weight, however would you rather they went on a crash detox diet? Or could you help solve their problem?

You could provide a 7-day plan as a freebie and up sell them on to a 21-day or monthly subscription.

Video Series

This is a great one you can do for all sorts of things. If you struggle to find time to put something together all at once, this would work well.

You film a short video per day for say 21 days, this would be to used on social media, tips, hints and exercise demonstrations. After the 21 days you can package it together as a video series.

Or if you just filmed exercise demonstrations you can put together a training plan for someone to follow.

Free Trial

Do you have a membership site that you could offer a free trial to your ideal clients? (You have if your a member of PT Distinction!)

This way they get to try before they buy! I would also suggest only giving them access to the basics or the first weeks worth of content, if they want full access they would have to sign up.

You can still wow them with your basic membership. We know people hate FOMO (fear or missing out) so if they can see something and cannot access it, they will probably want to find out more.

Consultation/ Health Review

This is a great way to qualify someone for your services and make them need to sign up.

Take them through various tests and put together some results for them to read.

You could take their resting heart rate, their BMI, their Fat percentage and even blood pressure if you have the kit and show them what the results mean.

If they have signed up for a consultation, it is more than likely that one of these will be in the ‘not ideal’ section. Showing it to them confirm what they already know.

You could also go on to psychometrically test them to ensure they are ready to change. The great thing about this is you can conclusively see whether they are ready to work with a Personal Trainer or not. If they are not, there is no point taking their money or wasting both of your time.

You want to only take on people that are committed to change, as they are the people you will get the best results and will rave about your services. If you take people on that are not ready, they will most likely blame you and they are not a great poster advert for your services.


These are fun and a great way to get people to give you their email address in order to get their results.

It could be a quiz on “How Healthy are you?” or ‘How well do you know your body?”. You want to be able to give them 2-3 answers depending on their score and then offer them a service based on their answer.

So if their score for health quiz is low you can offer them a spot for 1:1 coaching where they learn more, or if they know quite a bit already but just need some accountability then you can offer them a lesser package.

Toolkits/ Checklists/ Infographics/Case Study

These are super simple and very eye catching. You can provide them with a Weight Loss Toolkit, or a Healthy Eating Checklist or an infographic on how to make a perfect meal.

It has to be something that your ideal client would be interested in.

This might not be something that they are willing to give their email address for, however it’s a good way to send them to a download page with no opt in.

Make sure you have tracking pixel installed on the page, that way you can target them with your Facebook ads. If they keep seeing you and you are solving their problems, they will see it as a sign and hopefully buy!

It takes time so you could nurture them with blogs, then the freebie and then go for the sale.

To make things easy for you, you can house any of these free gifts inside PT Distinction and use our email marketing system to bring them on as paying clients..... This is free for unlimited leads on any membership level.

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