Upgrade: Integrate PTD into Your Own Website

Aug 21, 2014

By Tim Saye

I have some exciting news for you. As you know we're working to update and improve PT Distinction's online personal training software every single day.

Our main aim at the moment is to make you stand out as another level of personal trainer (not just online personal trainer) and help to improve the overall level of service you can offer all of your clients with minimal time taken out of your day.

We aim to facilitate you being able to make a recurring monthly income rather than always charging session by session and never really knowing what to expect one week to the next.

I'm very happy to tell you that as a large step towards this PT Distinction can now be integrated in to your own website.

By copy and pasting one line into your website you turn your normal personal trainer website into a fully functional membership website for all of your clients to use.

Your clients will not even know we exist.

Due to the nature of this integration service there is little point in trainers using it if they haven't got any clients. So the one proviso is that this service is for those who have 10 clients or more that they are currently training or that are ready to be added to your coaching process and membership website. (Update Nov. 2014... All PT Distinction members can now integrate our service into their own site and have all emails (login details etc) sent from their own chosen address.)

We're also working on further updates to go alongside this that are very exciting but at this point I’m not allowed to tell you about them….. But they will be good…. And coming pretty soon!