How to set up Automated sign ups on your Website.

Jul 4, 2017

By Tim Saye

The world is moving toward convenience, this is one reason the demand for online training is growing year on year. With this in mind think about the way you sign up for most online services such as Netflix, buying something on Amazon or ordering you food shopping online. People like the option to sign up quickly and easily without having to speak to anyone or arrange phone calls.

I'm not saying this is the only way to offer an online personal training service but it is a good option to offer potential clients.

Each bit of great content you create or advert you set up may provoke someone to want to test out your online training or sign up to one of your packages, in that moment it's useful to have something they can simply sign up for and get started straight away.

This video shows the easy way to set up automated sign ups on your own website. Using this method you can decide to take payments or not and you can link up any package you like to the automated sign up. This is very useful for automating the delivery of a welcome pack right up to automating a 10 year long package (I wouldn't do that BTW but you get my point!) and selling it on your website.

Setting this up with no payment option is also a great way to do things if you wish to take payments from other merchants and direct new clients to create their own password and sign themselves up.

As with everything you need to become a successful online personal trainer you can set it all up using our personal training software.