Hybrid - A Big Step to Online Personal Training

Feb 23, 2018

By Tim Saye

Step one in becoming a great online personal trainer is simply to get experience and education as a face to face trainer.

Alongside this setting yourself up as a hybrid trainer can have massive advantages for you and for your clients.

Hybrid training offers a best of both worlds environment for your clients where they get to see you regularly in person but also get the 24/7 coaching, accountability and support of online coaching.

For you hybrid training allows you to make all the extras every great PT does an official part of your service that you advertise and charge for. It also helps you get better results with your clients, to stand out from others in your gym. Of course you will also earn money even when your clients are away (we all know this can be a godsend over the school holidays!).

On top of these great assets hybrid training creates a bridge for you and your clients between face to face and online training where you both learn the ropes of online coaching while also benefiting from face to face meet ups.

The easiest way to get started as a hybrid trainer is to write down all the things your clients need to get amazing results then see what's missing from the face to face service you currently offer.

For example:

- Training 3-4 times per week
- Nutrition and habit coaching
- Habit tracking
- Food tracking
- Text reminders (proven to double adherence BTW)
- Good communication and support outside of training sessions.

If your client trains with you once a week then your additional coaching package includes:

- Workouts for 2-3 extra sessions,
- Nutrition coaching and habit coaching videos,
- A food diary. photo food diary, or tracker like My Fitness Pal for a few days each month.
- Daily yes/ no habits to track.
- Daily reminders to make things easy for your clients and add extra touch points for your coaching.

You can very easily set all of this up in PT Distinction. If you set your coaching up like the video below then all you have to do is add clients to the perfect groups for them and tweak a few things for their individual needs.... You could be looking at 10 minutes work per month for each client.

Even though it doesn't take up much of your time you're still offering an amazing service that is very valuable to your client. Remember your clients have no idea how powerful PT Distinction is and if you were using any other software or app this kind of service would take you hours to create so charge accordingly.

My favourite way to price hybrid training is to set it up on a monthly direct debit for the equivalent price of 1-2 PT sessions and separate it from your normal face to face sessions. This keeps it very simple and means you continue to give this service and get paid while you or your clients are on holiday.

Another great thing with hybrid training is you can get started with it straight away by offering it to your current face to face clients, just find a good way to describe hybrid training to your clients and potential clients and get them signing up.