Huge New Feature - The Online Personal Training Success Map

Oct 21, 2016

By Tim Saye

The PT Distinction Online Personal Training Success Map is quite simply the finest resource of its type, in fact it's completely unique.

Have you ever noticed how hugely successful online trainers and coaches such as Tim Drummond AJ Mihrzad, Janak Patel, Darren Casey and Linh Trinh all have slightly different systems?

How coaches of online trainers such as Paul Mort, Glenn Bridges and Jon Goodman all teach different ways to be successful as an online trainer?

These guys are all amazing and hugely successful but what will work best for you?!

That's where the PT Distinction Success Map stands out, we have spoken to all of these guys, we have seen hundreds of successful online personal trainers journeys from a birds eye view. We have also seen some great trainers fail online because they haven't quite got it right.

The Success Map takes you from total beginner, to building YOUR perfect online training business with YOUR ideal systems and then we show you exactly how to create it, deliver it and make it successful.

Everything is laid out step by step and everything has follow along videos to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

Below is a video that shows you the inside of the Success Map and everything it contains

All PT Distinction members can find the Success Map by logging in and going to More > Success Map

Further down the line I will be bringing you education from some of the worlds leading online trainers and coaches.......... These are the guys who are doing it themselves and successfully coaching other trainers to do it too.

The Success Map is free for all members of PT Distinction..... EVEN if you're on the free trail!!!

So, if you're not yet a member of PT Distinction and want to build the online personal training business of YOUR dreams then sign up to the free trial by clicking the link below.... This really is a no brainer!