How to use the Messaging Centre to Maximise your Clients Results and Triple Conversions into your Long-term Services.

May 10, 2017

By Tim Saye

To help you get the best from the new PT Distinction messaging centre I'm doing a lot of research around text messaging, emailing and app notifications. Here is a little guide on when to use text, in app messaging or email to best coach clients, improve adherence and to get much better conversions into your long-term programs.

App Messages and Notifications

First up sending reminders to clients for each thing you want them to do has been shown to double adherence and the formation of habits. With this in mind when you put something in to the schedule for your clients they will get an automatic notification before the event, you don’t need to do anything to set this up. Your clients can turn this off if they wish to but I would recommend you ask them not to do so.

If you decide not to put things in to your clients schedule and just give them their content it can be great idea to automate some in app messages to tell them what they need to do each day. This will give them a little nudge and ensure they know exactly what to do all the time.

SMS Text Messages

Text messaging tends to be a great option for marketing and making sure that everybody gets a message that you need to send out. If you run challenges and trials with a Facebook or Slack group alongside them I would schedule a text message on joining with a link to your group. The reason for using text here is that you know everyone (even those who haven’t yet downloaded your app) will see this information and have the chance to join.

The other place I would schedule a text message is towards the end of the challenge or trial if you have a round up video. A round up video is a fantastic idea introduced to me by the amazing Sukh Sidhu. This video simply talks about what your members have done in the challenge, the kind of results that they've got, talks about some success stories of your long-term members and tells viewers how to get amazing long term results. It then offers your long-term programs as a great roadmap to ensuring each viewer gets these fantastic long-term results.

Obviously with this round up video you want everybody to see it so I would set a text message with a link to your video. You could host the video inside your app or you could have it on YouTube, Vimeo or in your Facebook or Slack group. If you have the video in a group it is a good idea to also tag everyone on the video.

Aside from these occasions I would use text sparingly until someone has left your services.


Emails and scheduled emails are brilliant for slightly longer messages. This is where you can tell engaging client stories, share testimonials and successes of your current and past clients. You can also use email to add in an offer for your long-term services and guide people towards your roundup video that again offers your paid services.

After that email is perfect for sending out quality information on a regular basis.

If you want to find out more about the amazing new messaging centre inside PT Distinction Click here.

I will share more with you in later articles to help you utilise the messaging centre for best results with long term clients and for following up with those that didn’t join your long-term services.