How to Get Started and Create Perfect Very Quickly

Jul 11, 2017

By Tim Saye

It's very common for personal trainers and online personal trainers to think about every possible detail before taking action and putting themselves out there. Many in our industry are perfectionists so it's in our nature to seek perfection before we take an action.

The truth is, the fastest way to get there is to take action on your ideas and take in valuable feedback from your clients and potential clients.

Bellow are examples of what I commonly see personal trainers and online personal trainers do and then the steps needed to get to success and growth much faster.

The personal trainer route I see too often;

- Think of an idea, think about every detail until you think you know how it will all work.
- Second guess yourself and post in a group of your peers asking their opinions.
- Get a number of opinions (many from people that don't really know the correct answer) and add further confusion.
- Think some more and start putting some of it in to action.
- Second guess yourself again, tweak a few things because you want it to be perfect before you release it to the public.
- Lose a bit of direction and confidence and then start wondering about how you will get clients.
- Sink deeper in to trying to work out exactly what your clients or potential clients will want.
- Think some more, tweak some more.
- From here some eventually make a move and others don't.

The easier route to getting things right;

- Think about something that seems like a great idea.
- If you have people on hand who have done something similar and been successful with it feel free to ask their opinion, most successful people I know love giving advice. Don't forget though that Trunki got turned down by 5 Dragons on Dragons Den!
- Take action and create your vision as best you can.
- Put it out there and let the public decide if they like it or not.
- If they like it great, carry on, maybe ask them how you can improve it for them.
- If they don't like it, ask why and go back and change it, then launch it again, ask for feedback, repeat until they love it.

The best feedback you can ever get on whether your ideas are great is from your clients and your potential clients. The quicker you get something out there the sooner you can get the most valuable feedback available to you.

Will you get it bang on first time? Maybe, but I never have.

Does that matter? No, as long as you're ready to listen and implement from the feedback you get.

Will you ever make it perfect? Maybe, but you will certainly get close enough to help a tonne of people while you try!