How to Get Online Training Clients via Offline Marketing

Jul 10, 2019

By Tim Saye

Online fitness marketing is now a buzzword in the industry, while mastering online marketing is important to being able to create a lucrative and location-independent online training business that lasts, there are also many offline ways you can attract new online clients.

Almost all personal trainers who have built a successful online coaching business have started working at a gym, outdoors, or as a mobile trainer. They have progressed into online coaching building on that experience, reputation and social network.

In this article, we discuss a few ideas on how to get your name out there via offline marketing methods and build a tribe that can quickly become online training clients.

1. Publishing Articles in Local Papers/Gym Newsletter

Whether that's the fitness section of a local paper, your gym's physical newsletter or a magazine where you have good connections, writing and publishing articles about topics you get asked often is a great way to provide value and show your expertise to a cold audience. Just make sure your name and contact details are included, especially your website and other online accounts.

2. Running a Charity Bootcamp

People are more inclined to engage in activities when they know that their money is going towards a good cause. Most of us love to help and support others wherever we can, especially when it comes to a local charity, community or even just an individual who needs external help. You can help people improve their health while they can help a good cause and this way everybody feels good about their efforts.

3. Holding Workshops and Seminars

The best workshops and seminars are those that answer questions people in your target market are already asking. So, feel free to ask around, speak to your clients, other gym members, gym management, and pick a topic that will likely attract big numbers and set up your seminar.

4. Running a Face-to-Face Challenge

Competitiveness is part of the personality of almost all humans. Those you may want to have as a client will almost certainly own that trait. Launching a challenge that comes with a prize for the best or the first three will attract the population that will become great potential clients.

5. Getting Involved with Local Events

Is there a fitness or health-themed conference, exhibition, or a family fair happening in your neighbourhood? Do you have the chance to set up a stall, speak to locals for a few hours and showcase your expertise? That's a no brainer and an excellent opportunity for you to build connections and invite people to join your online tribe.

6. Offline Advertising

Local papers, billboards, signage in frequented areas, radio and television. Whichever your marketing budget allows. Create an offer that is irresistible so people will act and look up your website or Facebook page for more details. Once you have the rapport, keep providing value so when the day comes they are ready to buy, you will be on top of their mind.

7. Local Networking

Small business owners in your area will be a great source of building your client base and recommending your services so long they trust that you can do what you say you can do. Seeking out networking events and getting to know other businesses, like coffee shops, hairdressers, massage therapists, osteopaths, private medical professionals or lifestyle coaches may open the door to a much wider audience, so get out there and get to know others with connections in your area.

8. Sponsorship

Is there a running or other sports and fitness related event in your area? Even better if it has years of reputation and returns every year to a wide audience. Getting to know the organisers and jumping on a sponsorship agreement will get your name out there like no other. Especially if it's a particularly popular event like a half-marathon or marathon.

9. Print Marketing

Some say print marketing is dead. However, so long it's done with a clear goal, it can make a difference. Spreading lots of flyers with your business name, contact details and services on them won't mean much to a person who has never heard of you and is likely getting one of those almost daily. But if you give them a good incentive and create a call to action they can follow, that will be a game changer.

10. Consultations

Sometimes a prospect doesn't become a personal training client for scheduling or budget reasons no matter how much they already like and trust you. Before you release these people without an alternative, you can bring up the option of fully online or even hybrid personal training and see if that would suit their situation better. Once you have a system like PT Distinction in place to serve them to your best ability, you can always have it as your back-up plan when an in-person lead doesn't become a personal training client.

Wrapping Up

You didn't think there would be so many offline ways to get online clients, right? Just like with any other channels, all you really need is exposure and quick and easy way to turn that exposure into new leads. In the upcoming weeks, we will discuss the above options in detail with practical tips and examples you can take away and apply to your unique situation.