How to Get New Personal Training Clients with Email Marketing in 6 Steps


Aug 1, 2022

By Tim Saye

email marketing for personal trainers

If you are trying to reach potential new personal training clients, there is no denying that email marketing is one of the most effective options available.

With four billion email users per day, the opportunities are extensive, which is why it is no surprise that 85 per cent of those who use email marketing do so for lead generation.

Plus, the ROI is pretty impressive too! There is the potential to make $42 for every dollar spent. That's a pretty good return, right?

However, to experience this level of success, you need to have an effective marketing plan in place. Below, we will look at the steps you can take to attain new personal training clients via email marketing.

Step 1. Determine Your Target Audience

Start by identifying your ideal target audience. You may have already developed user personas. If you haven't, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

• What age is your ideal client?
• Where does your target demographic live?
• What sort of lifestyle do they have?
• What pain points are they experiencing that you intend to solve?
• How do they prefer to communicate?
• How much money do they earn?
• How do they get their information?

By answering these questions, you can paint a picture of the sort of person you are targeting. This helps you to understand what type of emails and content will appeal to them the most so that you can direct your efforts accordingly.

Step 2. Create an Offer They Won't Be Able to Refuse

We all love feeling like we're getting a good deal! Create an offer so tempting that your audience won't be able to refuse it. For example, you could offer the first month of your service for free if they sign-up for a 12-month training service program.

That applies to yourlead magnets as well. Offer your ideal client something of value that they'd be happy to give you their email address in exchange. A lead magnet is a free service that will make people want to discover more. You can, for instance, offer a free workout session or a free cheat sheet. You can take a look at our post on lead magnet ideas for personal trainers to get some inspiration.

This gives people the opportunity to see the sort of value that your training service would provide, increasing the chances they will sign up for your paid service.

Step 3. Add a Teasing Subject Line

The importance of an attention-grabbing subject line cannot be ignored. Many emails are put in the trash before they are even opened because the subject line is not compelling enough.

It is a delicate balance, however. You do not want to frustrate customers because of a click-bait subject line that does not reflect what is inside the email.

The key here is to address their pain point in the subject line and hint that you have something of value that will solve this inside. Do not give everything away, but say enough to compel the viewer to want to know what you have to say and open that email.

Step 4. Ensure the Email Copy is Catchy and Concise

Your email design is critical. If someone opens an email and is overwhelmed by heaps of information, the email will get moved to the trash immediately.

Instead, make sure your email is clear and concise. Then, when opened, the reader's eyes should immediately dart to the most vital part, which should be a pleasure to read.

This should be the case whether the viewer is reading the email on a desktop computer or mobile phone. After all, 81 per cent of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices, so emails must be optimised for mobile use.

Aside from this, use concise, well-spaced wording, and highlight essential parts so that it is easy to read. Of course, a plain font is also a must!

Many excellent email marketing tools are available today, with templates you can use to ensure your emails are clean and professional. Otherwise, things can start appearing messy and cluttered.

Step 5. Create an Attractive CTA

A compelling and clear Call-to-Action is a must. Keep it simple but ensure that there is an air of urgency. If you are providing a special offer to tempt people to sign-up, your CTA should reinforce this. For example, it could be "get your first month free" or "schedule your free consultation."

It can also help to create a sense of urgency. For example, you could indicate that there are only 'x' spots available on your schedule at the price that has been advertised.

Finally, make sure that your CTA is straight to the point. It should only be a few words. Don't go over five!

Step 6. Invest in Email Marketing Software

Our final advice is to invest in email marketing software so you can manage your campaign and track your conversions.

As mentioned earlier, most tools give you access to many templates and tools on the design front. However, that is not all!

You can automate your email marketing efforts, ensuring emails are being sent around the clock.

Powerful analytics also enables you to understand how your marketing campaign is performing. This allows you to continually make tweaks and improvements so that you can enjoy greater levels of success.

Lastly, from a legal requirement point of view, all email marketing software must comply with current data protection laws and regulations like GDPR. So, by using a dedicated email marketing software to manage it all for you, you can be sure you follow these regulations, and clients can feel safe.

Get Started with Email Marketing Today

So there you have it: a real insight into some of the most effective email marketing tips you can use to get new leads for your personal training business. If you follow the steps mentioned above, we are sure you will generate more and better-quality leads and ultimately attract more of your ideal clients to your fitness business.