How to get 2-10 Online Training Clients a day from Facebook

Jul 6, 2017

By Tim Saye

Facebook is a huge source for getting new clients. Many modern businesses report that over 80% of their clients come from Facebook.

Here's a quick guide on how we get 2-10 new trialists a day from Facebook and how you can use it to have even more impact than that.

Step 1 - Post tips and great content regularly.

Focus your best posts in your Facebook group and/ or your personal profile, business pages get very low reach but should still have some regular posts just to show your an active business.

Step 2 - Create some posts showing the inside of your service and others talking about the benefits of your service.

Showing the inside of your app and website takes away fear of the unknown for your potential clients and makes them feel at ease using your service. Simple screenshots or look inside videos do the job very well.
Talking about the benefits of your service to potential clients creates interest and desire for your service. This is an important step in getting viewers of your content to sign up to your online personal training.

Step 3 - Have a good offer.

This doesn't have to be something complicated, just create a trial, a challenge or offer a free cheat sheet. Anything that your potential clients will want right now works well (ours is a free trial).

Step 4 - Make an advert to your wide niche giving them free content and asking for nothing in return.

To do this we post webinar recordings on our page and boost them with a few $ every day. You can use anything really as long as it's great content that will benefit your niche.

You can easily build an audience in Facebook Ads manager based on people who view or react to your content. This is a very good audience to advertise to as they have already built up a little know, like and trust through your free content.

Step 5 - Use that free content to create an audience and send an advert to it.

The audiences you build up from people reacting to, or viewing your content are much more likely to sign up to your services than an audience that's completely new to you.

Send an advert to this audience plus your website visitors showing the benefits of your service and offering your good offer.

(Note, for extra guidance, all of this Facebook adverts set up is shown in follow along videos under the “getting online clients” icon in PT Distinction.)

Step 6 - Answer questions when people ask them.

Always be responsive when people ask you questions or comment on any of your content or adverts. Just be a yourself and help out in any way you can.

That's all we do to get 2-10 new trialists a day. Here's a few things you can do to power it up as an online personal trainer that are hard for us as a software to do.

1 – Share screenshots of your clients results, before and after photos, results tracking etc..

2- Be you and represent your personality, people connect with and buy from people.

3 – After doing this consistently for one month go through your entire friends list and send everyone a private messages saying hello and simply connecting with them on a personal level.

These things alone could bring you well over 100 online clients in your first year, to coach such a large number without it taking you 10 hours a day or doing a shoddy job the only good option is PT Distinction.

If you hear guru debates about video vs written posts or are ads useful etc..etc... don't waste your time, thoughts or energy on it, make content that feels comfortable to you and that will be useful to your niche, then follow it up with a great offer.

Be consistent and persistent.