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How to Create an Effective Lead Magnet for Your Personal Training Business

July 11, 2022
tim saye

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Did you know that 50 per cent of marketers who use lead magnets have reported higher conversion rates? This statistic shows it can be very beneficial to use lead magnets in your online fitness marketing strategy.

However, the trouble is that many people don't understand how lead magnets work or how to execute them effectively. It's not about simply giving away something for free. It's about showing the value you bring so that people want to delve deeper and explore your paid services, be it online training or one-on-one personal training sessions.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is essentially an ethical bribe. It is a free service or item that's given away to gather contact details. Examples include free consultations, e-newsletters, trial subscriptions, and training videos.

Some of the best lead magnet ideas for Personal Trainers

- Calorie calculators

- Diet cheat sheets

- Free workout videos

- Email course

- Beginner's guide eBook

- Guide to eating out healthy in your local town

It’s worth pointing out that short-form written lead magnets have a higher conversion rate (58.6 per cent) than long-form according to GetResponse. Short-form examples include eBook samples, checklists, and newsletters. You can also see from the stats that two of the highest converting lead magnet types are video (24.2%) and written.

The benefits of lead magnets for Personal Trainers

A fitness lead magnet is a great way to grow your audience. People love to receive something for free. If they need to input their name and email to access a free workout video or a diet cheat sheet, they will likely do so. In return, you get valuable information you can use to target these customers in the future.

At the same time, you're showing your expertise. By providing unique and valuable content, you are displaying the kind of value people can expect if they sign up for your service. This is why it's essential to create a lead magnet with care.

You can build trust, display authority, and stay on top of your audience's mind.

How to create an effective lead magnet

The benefits of lead magnets are there for all to see. However, to leverage them, you must create enticing copy that is right for your target audience, provides a solution to their unique problems and gives them something actionable that brings some results instantly. Let's look at the steps to creating an effective lead magnet.

Step 1. Identify your target audience

The goal of a lead magnet is to offer something you know your audience wants so that you can get their contact information in return. To do this, you need to know what type of person you're targeting so you can figure out what offer they would find enticing.

Your lead magnet needs to be highly relevant and specific to the needs and wants of your target consumer. If it's not, they might lose trust in your brand. Therefore, not only could your lead magnet be ineffective, but it may also eliminate that individual from using your personal training services in the future.

Step 2. Determine your value proposition

Once you've decided who you want to target, you need to give them a compelling reason to redeem the offer. This is your value proposition.

Rather than trying to create a service or product you think may be helpful, identify an issue your target audience is facing and provide them with a solution.

For example, your target audience may struggle to shift their post-pregnancy pounds, so you may devise a workout video or exercise plan that assists with this.

You need to determine what your audience wants or needs and use this as your selling point.

Step 3. Determine your format

There are many different types of lead magnets you can create. However, it's essential to realise that various formats tend to be used at various stages of the buyer's journey.

So, to give you a helping hand, we're going to take a look at some suggestions based on the buyer's journey:

The Awareness Stage

At this point, it is all about educating your audience about your fitness brand. Short-lead capture forms are a must here. Don't overwhelm prospects by asking for too many details.

Some good lead magnet formats for this stage include:

- Reports

- eBooks

- Tip lists

- Gated blog posts

The Consideration Stage

At this point, prospects may have found a few personal trainers and are evaluating the best fit. You can request extra details beyond name and email address to qualify prospects even more.

Some good lead magnet ideas for this stage include:

- Video workouts

- Podcasts

- White papers

- Client success case studies

The Decision Stage

Your prospect is looking to buy. Now, it's all about getting them over the line. Some good lead magnet ideas for this stage include:

- Free trials

- Demos

- Discounts

- Consultations

Step 4. Create your content

Now that you've decided on the format, the only thing left to do is write the content for your offer. Here are a few pointers on how best to do that.

- Make sure you're specific. Remember, your main goal is to solve the specific problem you identified earlier. Don't get lost and go off on a tangent. Stay focused.

- You must be authoritative to show prospects that they can depend on you to reach their fitness goals. Show certainty and authority in your writing.

- Make sure that your content is unique. Offer something your visitors cannot find elsewhere. If you're purely re-hashing what's already on Google, you're not showing prospects why they need to sign up for your service. Provide them with exclusive, valuable content they cannot find elsewhere.

- Finally, be efficient. If you've already written emails or blog posts, you can re-purpose the ones with the highest engagement rates. Make sure you re-write the content to fit the format you select in the previous step.

Generate more leads for your Personal Training business today

So, there you have it: an insight into the steps you need to follow to create a successful lead magnet. From identifying your target audience to crafting unique and compelling content, you can ensure your lead magnet delivers results for your business if you follow these steps.

In an upcoming article, we'll be giving you some lead magnet ideas that can work for the different stages of our buyer's journey. Stay tuned!

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