Content Marketing for Personal Trainers


Jan 17, 2020

By Tim Saye

Everything you publish, whether that's on social media, or your fitness blog falls under the vast practice of content creation. It is everywhere: text, pictures, videos and infographics, even your lead magnets will be part of your content marketing strategy.

It's not enough to publish any content though; you'd want to ensure your articles, social media posts and lead magnets all have their specific purpose. They need to provide value to your ideal clients to attract more of them to your online personal training service.

In this article, we'll discuss what options you have to create a system, so you never run out of content. The good news is, once you have enough articles and keep your social media content organised, you will be able to recycle and re-purpose them.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The most apparent and budget-friendly option, especially at the beginning of your PT career is to write your content. There is nobody else who knows your business values, your ideal clients and the tone you tend to use with your clients better than you do.

If writing is not your strength or you don't know where to start, use the internet to help you become more skilled in writing. You will find hundreds of results on Google, but the Institute of Personal Trainers have a thorough and free online course on How to Become a Better Writer among others you may want to check out.

Characteristics of a good article or social media post are:
- the language is relatable for your ideal clients
- investigates topics your audience wants to hear about
- it tells everything that's important on that topic in enough words but isn't too long - the word count is important in blogs for SEO
- encourages the reader to take their next logical step - whether that's subscribing to your channel, reading more in another article, or interacting with you via comments etc


If you have some budget and you are keen to spend your time elsewhere, you can find and use copywriting services that aren't too expensive. They will likely create a bit more generic content so you will need to spend some time to edit it so it speaks to your audience with your voice.

The quality of these services varies between mediocre and excellent. Expect a little trial and error at the beginning until you find the one that works for you! Here are a few places you can start!

- Fiverr is an international marketplace where you can find professionals for a range of jobs, including graphic design and copywriting. They are freelance professionals, and their fees start from as low as $5. You will only interact with the professional via the platform, so make sure the brief you give them is very concise and clear and presents them as much info as they need to complete the task.

- UpWork is also a marketplace where businesses can hire freelance professionals for a variety of jobs. After registering you'll need to post the task you have for the professional, then interview those that are interested and hire the one you think is best suited. Interactions and even invoicing are done through the UpWork system.

- WriterAccess is practically an agent that allows businesses of all sizes to access a pool of copywriters, editors and other professionals so they can outsource their creative tasks. Depending on which membership you choose, you will have access to professionals experienced in general writing or specialty writing. You can try the system for 14 days, remember the membership gives you the access, the rest of the investment depends on your project.

Done For You

Once you get super busy with clients and you have the means to outsource your content marketing entirely, you can do so by hiring someone to take it over. There are pros and cons to this, and it may take some time and a few trials before you find the right person for the job.

- Hire a Copywriter. Working with a professional directly will allow you to discuss your needs as often and for as long as needed for the best outcome. You can discuss how you communicate to your audience, what language you use, how you like your articles structured, etc.

- Train an Employee. You may have an admin already working for you, who probably already knows a lot about your business, your clients and your values. If they have some writing skills, it may just be worth increasing their hours and gradually handing over more responsibility in your content marketing until they can take it over.

- Hire a Marketing Company. The ultimate solution is to find a company that does it all: copywriting, managing social media content and some more. This will be the most costly option, but if you are aiming high with your business and have your hands full with other tasks, it may be worth it.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy. The sooner you can start blogging and building up a system of providing value consistently to your audience; the more likely one day leads will start coming in without having to put much effort into it. A lot of work, in the beginning, will be worth of years of peace of mind down the line, especially if your end goal is to grow a successful online personal training business.