How to create a massive, enjoyable, sustainable online business that positions you as the expert and makes you happy every day.

May 20, 2016

By Tim Saye

If you want to be successful online then one thing really stands out that separates the superstars from the never quite made its. Everything else builds on top of this vital foundation.

You hear business coaches, mentors etc.. all say this one thing, You need to find your niche and know how to communicate with your niche.

There are many ways to find a niche but most of them lead to failure in the end. The way the online world is moving means that more than ever before content is king.

If you can't create great content for your target market then Google, Facebook and by the looks of it soon Twitter will make it very hard for your stuff to get seen.

If your working online, you need those guys on your side!!!!

So, you have to be able to create really great content for your target market. It has to be specific for them, solve a problem and position you as the expert.

If you haven't read it already the book Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi (if your not a great reader like me or you lack time Audible is amazing, 4-6 hours of car journeys and you have an entire books worth of new knowledge!).. is a fantastic read if you wish to set up a sustainable online business that will work with future Facebook, Twitter and Google updates..... Be ahead of the curve on this one as it will have a massive influence on the future of your personal training business.

Anyway, one of the key points from this book is the best way to find a niche that I have ever heard.... I believe this is the absolute key to having a successful online business now and in the future.

Here is a shortened version that you can get to work on right away;

Find your absolute passion, something you love, something you could happily learn about, read about, talk about and write about for years to come. Then find an area that you are truly knowledgeable about. When these two things cross over you have found your sweet spot.

The sweet spot alone, however, is not quite enough. You have to talk about your sweet spot in a way that solves a problem for people.

To then take your business to stratospheric levels you should then find a unique twist, making it something that nobody else is really an expert in.

I'll use myself as an example here to give you some real life perspective.

If I were to give up PT Distinction I would start a new online training business. I would want to work with young up and coming cricket fast bowlers. Fast bowling is a subject I love, enjoy learning about and enjoy talking about - This would be my sweet spot.

A quick look online shows me that there are a couple of people (though not many) creating conditioning programs to make young fast bowlers fit to perform and add a little extra pace.

Nobody is creating programs or talking about how they can avoid the classic injuries that end many fast bowlers careers and also add a yard of extra pace at the same time. This would be my twist.

This combination of sweet spot and twist would put me in to a market of one. Creating content and packages designed to specifically solve these problems would very soon position me as THE expert in this niche. Building a great business on top of this foundation becomes very, very easy.

By taking these steps the growth your business is now based on learning, writing and speaking about something you truly love. Then doing it in a way that helps many people.......... Now you create programs and coaching for the exact people you want to help....... That's got to be a good way to work!!

Passion and knowledge comes through in all that you do, people soon see you as THE expert and will come to YOU for help, you will position yourself in to a market of one.

You may be thinking, that's all well and good but how do I get myself seen and how do I convert that in to paying clients?!!

Fear not, I will be covering all of that for you next week.

For now, just do this and you will give yourself the best chance of creating a massive, enjoyable, sustainable online business that positions you as the expert and makes you happy every day.