How to Check Online Training Clients Exercise Technique

Jun 19, 2019

By Tim Saye

One big problem that great personal trainers have when going into online training is knowing how to check their clients' exercise technique when they're not actually there in-person watching what their client is doing. This can be solved very easily:

Simply ask your clients to make a short video of themselves performing a set of each exercise when they're training. Surprisingly, our first hand experience tells us that videos show a lot more in the technique than the naked eye, so it really does work very effectively. We found this out when we filmed a few thousand exercise videos for PT Distinction, there were four very highly educated trainers in the room and there's some technique issues we didn't see that you do on the videos. We ended up having to scrap and re film hundreds of videos of exercises that looked perfect to the naked eye. So, videos really are brilliant for pinpointing exactly what your clients' technique is.

This method would get very cumbersome if your clients are having to move out of their program to film a video and then to send it to you in a messenger, or to put it in Dropbox/ Google Drive before going back into their program to do the next exercise. That's why we make it super easy and efficient for clients to film their exercise technique inside their program in PT Distinction.

Here's how clients video their exercise technique in the worlds highest rated personal trainer software: