How many Online Personal Training Clients do you need?

Aug 30, 2017

By Tim Saye

Once you have your packages and prices for online personal training set up you can work out how many clients you need to cover your current personal training income, and later create your dream life.

By looking to cover your current earnings first you give yourself the opportunity to buy back your time and spend more time on attracting new clients to your online training.

This gives you more time and energy to help many more people online and move on to create the ideal life you want for yourself and your family.
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Here's how you cover the value of your current earnings allowing you to give up face to face PT if you wish to and become a full time online coach:

Take your current PT earnings and divide it by your price.... Simple!

The average face to face PT earns a shocking £15,000 a year/ £1,250 a month. So for our example we will use this number.

Let's say your bespoke online package is £160 per month you need just 8 online clients to cover the average income of a face to face personal trainer!

If offering a completely automated service with group support you may charge in the region of £30 a month. At this price you only need 42 clients.

With PT Distinction you can manage this number of clients in just a couple of hours a week and concentrate full time on bringing in more clients and helping a lot more people.

Now let's work out the number of clients you need to create your ideal lifestyle.

Think about the life you want to create for yourself and your family. Work out the monthly cost of this life. Then add in business costs including advertising and tax.

Divide this number by your online prices.

Example – Ideal life costs £6000 a month (£72,000 per year) and your bespoke training is £160 per month you need:

6000/160 = 38 online clients.

If you run automated programs with group support and your price is £30 per month you need:

6000/30 online clients = 200 online clients

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If you offer personalised support on your automated package then your prices should at least double so you would need less than 100 online clients on an automated system.

This is all a walk in the park to manage if you use the right software.