Perfect Online Personal Training Packages and Prices

Aug 27, 2017

By Tim Saye

Setting up your packages and prices as an online personal trainer can be difficult.

One great advantage of using PT Distinctions online personal training software is the ability to offer your clients more in less time than any other online trainers. This means modelling others who are very successful can allow you to grow and scale an incredible online coaching business.

Here we look at 5 massively successful online training businesses to help guide you to set up successful packages and prices that will help you bring in lots of online clients and build the life you want.

Precision Nutrition Coaching program - $97 (discounted from $179 if you are on their early bird list..... They never actually sell at $179!) per month.

This package includes:

- Pre made training programs.
- Pre made and scheduled nutrition coaching lessons.
- Pre made and scheduled habit tracking.
- Personal support from your dedicated coach.
- Prize money for the best transformations at the end of one year.
- Service Guarantee (stay for one year and if you're not happy we pay you every penny back).
- 1 year commitment.

Gillian Michaels - $9 per month!.

This package includes:

- Pre made meal plans.
- Recipes.
- Pre made workouts.
- No support, habits or coaching.

More than anything this package show exactly what is not considered valuable in the current online personal training market.

The Body Coach – £147 for 3 months and £19.99 per month after that.

This package includes:

- Pre made training programs.
- Custom meal plans (not sure who makes these!).
- Support from one of their support staff.
- Facebook support group.

Ultimate Performance – £349 for first 3 months, £140-180 per month after that.

Packages include:

- Assessments:
- Bespoke program design.
- Nutrition coaching.
- Habits.
- Supplement protocol.
- Personal support from your own coach.
- Service guarantee.

Complete Human Performance – 3 tiers to their packages.

1 - Personalised training plan built around questionnaires plus daily automated emails - $127 per month.

2 – Package 1 plus added text support from your coach - $212 per month.

3 – Package 2 plus nutrition coaching and guides from their nutrition specialist - $350 per month.

Phone calls are not included in any of these packages. These days many busy people don't want them. From a trainers perspective they are very time consuming and can provide a major bottleneck when trying to grow your online business.

By all means offer phone/ Skype calls if you wish to but make it a separate thing from your core packages.

Looking at the cheaper packages gives an indication of what is not considered valuable online, each one offers:

- One size fits all programming.
- Meal Plans.
- Minimal and impersonal support

So what's in a valuable package?

Simple – The same stuff that we all know gets long term results.

Training programs with results tracking, nutrition coaching with daily habits to track, Support from the coach... Really simple!

The more personalised the higher the price.

Great business is often just good common sense!

One potentially very valuable thing they might all (apart from the Body Coach) be missing is group support and a community around the program. In my opinion this could be a huge part in the future development of online training.

Putting this in to practice in your own online training business and making it all relevant to your qualifications, experience and life.

Take the stuff that makes up a valuable package and ditch the rest, so create something that includes:

- Training programs.
- Results tracking.
- Nutrition coaching with daily habits.
- Support.
- Consider creating a group support community.
- Consider offering a guarantee.

Take their prices as a guide and relate it to your current PT Prices:

For a mostly automated package such as those used by The Body Coach and Precision Nutrition charge on a monthly direct debit that is unbelievable value for the level of service offered.

Approximate price related to your current level as a personal trainer should be half a PT Session rate every month.

I.e if you charge £70 and hour face to face then guide price is £35 per month.

Support should be done as a group at this level. Facebook group or in a PT Distinction instant messenger chat group work well. Also consider group webinars over Zoom or Webinar Ninja

If you offer personal and individual support as opposed to group support ensure you have “office hours” and consider at least doubling your price.

For a package offering an individualised service that is tailored to the individual client such as those used by Ultimate Performance and Complete Human Performance.

Approximate price related to your current level as a personal trainer should be 2-3 X your one hour face to face training rate every month.

I.e if you charge £70 per hour face to face then your price should land between £140 - £210 per month.

If you wish to offer Skype/ phone support to your clients:

- Set 15-20 minute appointments.
- Use a software such a Calendly (the free version is fine) to schedule the calls.
- If you already offer group or text support, consider this as an additional service that you could charge extra for.

Now you have your packages and prices set up, in the next post we will look at how many clients you need to create your perfect lifestyle.