Get Clients From (nearly!) All of Your Consultations

Jul 18, 2014

By Tim Saye

We have all been there….....Your doing a consultation with a potential new personal training client, they love what you are offering and are keen for your help…….... You mention the price and…… Nothing…… Not interested any more….. Can you do me a special deal? (who hasn't heard that one before?!)

Obviously this doesn't happen all the time and if you have a great consultation and sign up process it doesn't happen a lot but I for one have had this annoying experience a few times in my personal training career.

If you can get around it and still sign them up to your PT service then brilliant. However if price really is an issue for them this is a great chance to bring up your online coaching service.

Here's how the conversation usually pans out!

You - “I have a much more affordable option that offers you assessment, personalised programs, personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice and all of my coaching. Most of my clients get great results with this”

Client - “What is it?”

You - “My online personal training and coaching service – You get personalised programs with video streamed from front and side angles plus descriptions of every exercise, you will know exactly what to do…. Plus you get (list the features you offer) and you will be able to hit (Mention their goals) in (suggest time period it may take to achieve goals)”

Client - How much does that cost?

(I’ve found it best to offer just one package and price here as you don’t want to overwhelm them with choices having already shared your face to face prices – you should at this stage know enough about them to pick your most suitable package for them)

You - Just (name your price) a month.

Pause and make sure they speak next! - The likely answers at this stage are either;

“That sounds great, sign me up”


“I’m not sure online training is for me I really need someone there to make sure I’m actually turning up and then doing everything correctly.”………

……… I have found that the best suggestion to this one is to say “how about we solve that by doing one face to face technique session a month so that you get every exercise correct. Then to make sure you tern up and train, you give me the days and times you intend to train and I will send you a reminder every time?”……….

………(then add 1 PT session and a bit extra for the reminder service to the monthly price)

When they agree to sign up take the payment there and then (if you don’t have a card reader you can load up your PT Distinction profile page and get them to buy the package from there)

With this method I promise you will sign up 80+ % of the clients that would otherwise have simply walked away from you.

Use it and quickly see the benefit to your client, to your bank account and also your reputation.