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Feature Update: Add Item Flow

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November 8, 2023
tim saye

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Explore our revamped "Add Item" flow and see how it streamlines your coaching process, making it easier and more efficient than ever. Spend less time on admin tasks and more time delivering exceptional coaching.

With this upgrade, we've reimagined the entire process, making adding all of your clients' coaching easier than ever.

This 50-second video shows how to use the new “Add Item” flow:

Transcript of Video

In this very quick video, I'm going to show you the new, very easy-to-use "Add Items flow" within the PT Distinction software.

Head on over to a client or group dashboard and click on "Add". Choose the item that you'd like to add. In this example, I'll for a program.

You can take it from your library or create new. I'll take it from my library for the purpose of this video. Select "Next"

When you've selected the one you want, save it, and that is now added.

You can edit the program, or edit the item you're adding, or add it to your schedule. You can also choose to do these another time.

So that is completely added, and the software will take you into your list of the particular item that you added so you can see it alongside everything else.

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Try out this update, and check out our most recent product updates within the PT Distinction personal trainer software.

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