Facebook Ads for Online Trainers – Stage Two

Nov 24, 2017

By Tim Saye

Stage two of your successful Facebook ads campaign is designed to follow up from your stage one introduction ads.

At this point you're looking to move your relationship forward with potential clients and offer them your free service and a chance to get in contact with you.

In stage two you want to track the number of people that sign up on your website so to begin with (if you haven't already set this up in the past) you should put the Facebook ads pixel on to your website.

As there are a lot of website builders and each is slightly different the best way to do this is go to YouTube and type in Add Facebook Pixel to [enter your website builder i.e. Wordpress]. Then find a good video made in the last 6 months and and follow the video.

Then go in to Facebook Ads Manager and hit the 3 lines at the top left of the screen, next to where it says ads manager, select audiences and create a new audience of people that have viewed your initial video advert.

Once you have done that you click on “make an advert” and set it for “conversions on your website”.

At this stage in your ads it can be a nice touch to thank people for watching your videos, this gives them a little reminder of who you are and acknowledges your gratitude that they watched your stage one videos.

A few things are working well at the moment to bring in online personal training clients from your initial video views audience. These are:

1) An advert with a Success Guarantee.

This has consistently outperformed any other type of ads we've seen for online training over the last two years. If you have a strong guarantee state it here and link straight to your homepage.

Of course the guarantee should also be written on you website homepage.

The image or video thumbnail should have strong colours that stand out against the Facebook background, should grab the attention of people scrolling their news feed and should evoke an emotion in your target niche client about how they will feel when they achieve your guaranteed result.

The ad should then have a strong call to action such as -“Join the FREE challenge for guaranteed results”.

2) An Advert showing something unique that you offer and how it benefits your clients.

(tip, write the result/ benefit first) I.e...

… Thank you for watching my videos! It's great to see you're interested in [enter niche clients fitness related interest].

Would you like to [enter niche goal] without [enter niche hardship that has made them fail in the past]?

[enter your unique service] has helped Mary [achieve X result] and stay on track easily despite [enter a challenge only your niche clients face].

I'd love to help you achieve your goals in the same way.

The ad should then have a strong call to action such as “Click to join my challenge and [achieve x] for free.

The image with this ad should be a great one of Mary looking confident and happy.

Of course this can be difficult to get approved with Facebook ads but works well if approved.

If not go a little more general and make the image a good one of you looking professional and friendly.

3) An advert with a picture of you linked to your Facebook messenger

This is a friendly and informal approach that can work very well. You advert can say something like this:

“Thanks for watching my videos! It's great to see you are interested in [enter niche clients fitness related interest].

Have you ever considered working with a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals? It would be great to have a chat.”

Once you've set up your ads set a small budget of around $4-5 a day and leave them running for 4-5 days before you look at how well they're working and how many people have signed up from your adverts.

Once people sign up you can train them easily using the worlds best online personal training software!